To the Editor:

What is the world coming to? Can you believe St. Louis police officers actually arrested protesters who defied a lawful order to disperse?

It is sad to see how this country has become accustomed to, and accepting of, the blatant defiance of police authority. The police, who serve us by protecting our lives and property, have actually been chastised and ridiculed for arresting St. Louis protestors who had been lawfully ordered to disperse.

Our nation suffers from rioting, looting and the destruction of private property because instead of the police handcuffing offenders, our politicians have handcuffed the police.

If one rock, one bottle, or one Molotov cocktail is thrown, or if one storefront window or one windshield is broken, a protest should immediately be considered to be an unlawful assembly. Those who continue to participate in an unlawful assembly, and who refuse to disperse when ordered to do so, should be summarily jailed.

Our nation is not benefited when citizens are allowed to defy law enforcement officers who are protecting our lives and property by legitimately exercising their authority to disperse protests which become violent. Personally, I salute the St. Louis police department for arresting those who rightfully should have been arrested.

Chris Tabing



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