To the Editor:

Mr. Maroscher recently wrote that the president’s use of a “dirty word” either did not happen or has no relevance. He ignores the fact that Sen. Lindsey Graham, who was present at the meeting, essentially verified the comments made by President Trump.

This does not deter Mr. Maroscher from taking a cheap shot at our own esteemed Sen. Dick Durbin. Mr. Maroscher would like for us to believe that President Trump calling Haiti and African nations "s---hole countries" was some sort of truth-telling. Making disparaging comments about nations certainly includes the people who reside in those countries. Imagine if a foreign leader made similar statements about America? Do you think people would be offended?

The president’s message is clear, these countries and their people have no value and no place in the USA. Mr. Maroscher likes to cite his own immigration experience to justify bad policy and bad behavior. If our country had a past practice of disallowing immigration from countries because of their leaders, Mr. Maroscher would be on the outside looking in.

President Trump has a history of pandering to his white, anti-immigrant base. This recent display of crude, offensive and un-presidential behavior is just more of the same. Is there no end to the apologists who excuse any and all abhorrent behavior on the part of this President?

Yes indeed, imperfect at best.

Paul Logeman



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