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To the Editor:

I read Betsy George’s editorial directed at Leonard Pitt’s raging article about a divided America. I emailed Pitts directly along the same lines Ms. George stated and got a conciliatory thank you from his staff. Pitts doubled down on the rhetoric again yesterday. I used to enjoy this man’s insight and thoughts but the last few years, he has taken on an extremely angry and divisive tone. Now he claims half the country is idiots and bigots and isn’t interested in even speaking to or hearing from any of them.

Of course this is all Trump’s fault as if the entire country was just one big happy family before he got here. The PC folks need to understand one simple fact. Our silence the last few years because of your incessant labeling of people as bigots and more “phobes” than I ever knew existed shouldn’t have been taken as our consent to your left wing agenda. I realize this was probably a 63 million vote surprise to many of you, but there it is. Now you can either accept this for the moment and have some civil discourse on where we’re going to take this nation together or act like Mr. Pitts and continue throwing tantrums and fits until you blow this country completely apart. Calling 63 million other Americans names isn’t going to solve our problems or make us go silently into the night. Pitts says, “I’m not going to be ignored.” Neither are we. It’s our country too.

Alfred E. “Sonny” Sanders



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