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To the Editor:

SIU is a mess. Its problems did not start with a state budget problem but with a decade or more of horrible leadership at all levels.

Now they have brought in a "change agent" in Mr. Carlo Montemagno. Is he the leader who can fix SIU? I've always felt and tried to practice that leaders lead by example. Based on his actions, he is a failure — thus far.

By having a job created for his daughter and son-in-law, he has failed horribly to set the right tone for his administration. This was not a faculty position for a fully qualified spouse. This is a created position for his child.

It seems system president, Mr. Randy Dunn, sanctioned this. Very poor, and if the Board of Trustees were involved, even poorer.

I am not a higher ed professional. I don't know how to fix SIU. Most of the people outside SIU — both for and against his plan — also have no basis to evaluate his plan. But I do know the person who is going to fix SIU must have credibility. Mr. Montemagno and Mr. Dunn — their credibility has been badly damaged. This is a state institution, not a family business.

A good first step would be for Montemagno's child and her husband to take one for the team, resign and move on. Maybe, if he is a true leader, he can apologize and salvage this mess and fix SIU. I hope so (of course there may be more issues that have not been revealed. It's strange that the student media not the so-called professional media is taking the lead.)

If not, then he, Dunn and any others need to move on — lead by Example. I, for one, am tired of transparency, I much prefer honesty.

George Maroney



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