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To The Editor:

The stories of late on SIU have been both informational and saddening. Having graduated from there in 2002, I have been familiar with SIU for some time. So here’s my two cents’ worth on SIU’s main problems.

First, as the old adage goes, “It’s about the money, stupid.” When I went back to get my second master’s degree in 2013, I looked strongly at SIU because it was close and familiar. What I found is that I could attend a state school online in New Mexico (same regional NCA accreditation) for the total price of what I would pay in fees alone at SIU. Needless to say, I chose them over SIU — because in the end, it’s about the money.

SIU is not competing with SEMO and Murray alone anymore, but they are now competing across the country with fully accredited online programs. Get with the times, SIU, or you will be left behind.

Second, you have a “we’re too big to fail” mentality. You blame the state for all your money problems (which they have influenced, no doubt). But if you were a business, you would have already went bankrupt and closed down. Your prices are not competitive, your customer service is poor, and your inner strife is like a cancer eating your organization.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall” is true, and we don’t want to see that with you. Make the tough choice, SIU, and change before it’s too late.

B. Parks



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