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To the Editor:

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”

Remember that sign? I do. I held it for almost eight years on the corner of Illinois Avenue and Main Street during the George Bush administration. But now, well, I am not only outraged ten-fold, but sickened and ashamed at what is happening to this great country in this last year!

I have to wonder, are people even aware of the fact that four of this sitting president's five children were born to immigrants? Yes, beautiful white immigrants. How much more damage do we allow this administration to do before someone in power says “you’re out!”

Give me the address of the school teacher who spent most of his life, 30 years in this country only to be deported, leaving his wife and children behind, back to his homeland, a country he barely even knows or remembers. Give me his address so I can thank him for teaching our children while paying his fair share of taxes! Give me his address so I can write and apologize for what is happening in this country, which seems to be out of control, certainly out of our control!

Lori Senteney

De Soto


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