To the Editor:

I think we need to step back from this false crisis that was created by our president pro tem for the purpose of distracting us from the mistakes he is making and the harm he is doing a to our national well-being. So some black men, highly paid professional football players no less, decided to kneel to show their loyalty to our national anthem and our national ensign, hoping in that act of obeisance and subordination to gain recognition from their gathered fellow Americans of the injustices that, after many generations, continue to be heaped upon them and members of their class.

Being the patriots that we are, our first reaction is to follow the lead of our erratic Chief Cheer-Leader and accuse those knee-takers of all sorts of disloyalty, ingratitude, and perfidy, even treason. Never mind the First Amendment. Big Boss says they're guilty, they're guilty! Fire ‘em! Just think—in terms of our colonial period, we suddenly have been moved from the side of the colonial dissenters to the side of King George III. Ow! Just that easy?

Wait! Where is Jesus in all of this? Where are the Ten Commandments? If we truly are a Christian nation, as many of us often say we are, then, in condemning the knee-takers, are we not denying our moral commitments as Americans, based as they are on Jesus’ teaching and the Ten Commandments? Where is love? Compassion? Ow, again!

Where do we go from here? I suggest we go to some quiet place, alone or in twos and threes, perhaps down on our knees, and think, think, think about what it means to be an American.

Fred H. Dippel



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