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To the Editor:

Thank you for your excellent and timely editorial in Sunday's Southern. Sadly, the decline of print papers is a product of the "fake news" lie. 

My early interest in public affairs began with and was enhanced by a county seat newspaper and a capitol city newspaper. In a home with little reading material, I found these daily newspapers a "godsend." It was the period of the Korean Conflict and he unnerving accusations of Sen. McCarthy. Many other events added to my growing interest in social, economic and political matters.

As a newspaper deliverer of the Indianapolis Times, I also won trips to Washington, D.C., and Detroit, Michigan, both life-enriching experiences. Active in 4-H and sports, I frankly enjoyed seeing my name in print from time to time. Our local newspapers failed to continue doing "soft" news a decade ago, and, in my opinion, this led to their drop in readership and advertising.

I know that these are economically challenging times for the print medium, but I urge you to continue. While I watch and listen to the news through television and radio, nothing beats reading then re-reading an article. Your many series on different topics this past year have provoked much awareness and discussion. I would guess that the attention given to deep Southern Illinois by various political leaders is a direct result of The Southern.

Please continue to inform us, provoke us, and encourage us. America and Southern Illinois are still "great," and you are helping them to be greater still.

David E. Goss



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