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To the Editor:

You may not love Bruce Rauner. Everyone is frustrated about how things have gone in Illinois over the last four years and long before that.

However, Gov. Rauner is the only choice for our state. J.B. Pritzker is close buddies with House Speaker Mike Madigan, who has been in power since for over 30 years, as has the party he leads, for most of that time — the Democratic party. He has been in power as Illinois has spiraled downhill.

Rauner was elected because he wants lower taxes for people and businesses, so more jobs and money will flow back into Illinois. Pritzker's solution is higher taxes.

Pritzker is also on tape talking very shady, to put it mildly, about making a deal about Barack Obama's senate seat with disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Pritzker is a Chicago insider who wants to raise taxes.

While Rauner continues to fight to get term limits on the ballot for the people to vote on, Pritzker opposes term limits.

The choice is clear: If you want a chance at any reform in Illinois, we must re-elect Gov. Rauner and elect Republicans to the General Assembly. That's the only way things will change in this state. Pritzker would be an absolute catastropy for our state.

Vote Rauner in November.

Joseph Venable



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