To the Editor:

Today's world in America never stops to amaze me. I'm watching the news about all the professional football players and how they think it's all right to not stand for the national anthem.

I am just one person, but here's a thought on the subject. Our children today are watching their heroes, these professional ballplayers. Our children dress like these professionals and act like them, our children want to be them, our children are always watching them.

Everyone is allowed their own opinion, it's your right. However when you are living in the spotlight and our children are watching and learning from you, then it's your responsibility, when in the public eye, to not teach our children to disrespect anyone or anything.

I recently was in Florida before Hurricane Irma and I had to drive out and evacuate, I left through Alabama on side roads to avoid traffic. I was amazed that in the midst of our country being divided and in the middle of two hurricanes, people lined the roads with flags and signs. People offered water, food, chairs, shade and hugs. It was amazing, it was our country as it was when I grew up, respectful.

Our country should have witnessed this, it brought me to tears, that in the midst of disaster, these people in Alabama were opening there homes and hearts to anyone in need. This is what our children need to learn, please everyone do the right thing, show respect.

Carol Conder



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