To the Editor:

Democrats are once again left scratching their heads as the State Fair rolls around. Attempting to correct past wrongs, they have several candidates coming to Du Quoin.

There are various candidates with different backgrounds, several trying to break from the pack. Some of them on the rise are spending big money, rightfully so. The Governor race is estimated to have $300 million poured into it. J.B. Pritzker and Chris Kennedy have been drawing the most interest so far in regards to the governor race.

Elections in this state have been bought for too long. With great wealth comes cronyism — it's just a natural. People that take care of you, you want to take care of in return. This is why in the next election, there needs to be a catastrophic, progressive and conservative movement. A movement that actually brings back the meaning of the word conserve. Politics has became twisted, it's no longer bipartisan. It's more arguing than anything, the idea of conservative has went from moderation to doing absolutely nothing.

This isn't saying that a new governor would change it, some believe it is the Speaker of the House that is at fault, saying that it is hard to work with someone who ultimately will only settle for his side. This brings into question term limits.

Regardless of it all, whoever is facing off for governor, let's just hope and pray they actually care about the whole state and not just the upper state.

Jessy Creech



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