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To the Editor:

Illinois and the rest of the nation have been engaged in a great political experiment whether we realize it or not. Both have elected "successful" businessmen as their CEO, apparently on the theory that if you are allegedly good at business, you will be good at government.

In both cases, I suspect the majority of the people are beginning to suspect that this may not be true. The Illinois experiment has been in progress for almost four years which is, in my opinion, a fair length for such a test. The success or failure of the experiment will be tested come November assuming voters will go to the polls and they are allowed to vote their choice.

The national test could be somewhat clarified come November, also assuming the voters will go to the polls and are allowed to vote their choice. In any event, the important thing is for the citizens to go out and vote and for the polls to be open to all eligible voters.

It is also important that other countries do not try to involve themselves in our voting process, If we fail to accomplish these tasks, fair elections and voting, the country could go down the tubes — to put it bluntly.

So for goodness sake, come November. go vote.

Bill Schwegman



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