To the Editor:

There is no issue more urgent in our current political climate than protecting this nation’s immigrant children through the renewal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Though arguments against Dreamers cast a negative moral judgment upon their illegal status, these arguments hold no clout as the young American men and women who benefit from DACA did not come here of their own volition or with any intent to break the law. In fact, since they were brought into the United States, the Dreamers have only strengthened this country’s diversity and economy.

As a Northwestern medical student, I have seen firsthand how immigrant populations work tirelessly in search of a better life despite limited access to government care and a constant fear of deportation. It would be radically inhumane to strip these individuals from the lives they’ve developed based on the ideological fallacy that they don’t deserve to be American. We simply cannot apathetically sit back as these young men and women are torn away from the only land they’ve ever really known. This issue cannot wait — the time is now for Congress to take action to shield Dreamers from deportation.

Shaan Somani

San Ramon, California


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