To the Editor:

I don’t understand this concerted zeal to find the “reason” for the massacre in Las Vegas. Is it annoying anybody else that the news on nearly all channels is filled with the hunt for a “motive” for this creep. A reason. Does this feel insensitive to anybody else? As if there could possibly be a rational explanation for this horror.

Is understanding why really that important? Aren’t the possible reasons limitless and all totally disgusting? Maybe this purportedly “normal” rich gambler played too many video games and lost contact with reality. Maybe he just resented seeing happy people. Maybe he hated loud music. Maybe he felt superior to the masses. Maybe he couldn’t connect emotionally with anyone. Maybe he felt he had nothing left to live for. Maybe alcohol or drugs made him act with anger and abandon. Doesn’t this specious quest for a reason distract us from the real issue?

Don’t we all know someone who borders on having these problems, who suffers but passes themselves off as normal? Don’t a lot of us live “lives of quiet desperation?”

So what made this guy so appallingly lethal? Isn’t that the question? It’s not the why we need to focus on, but the how.

And the answer — he had guns. Not just any guns, but weapons of war.

Most of us don’t buy weapons of war, weapons whose only purpose is to kill humans en masse. But he did, and like too many, he needed a lot of guns to feel manly. He bought them because he could. And he shot people from a totally safe distance — because he could.

Our current abdication of gun control laws permitted him to kill or wound hundreds of people. And if gun laws don’t change, these outrages will surely keep happening and none of us will feel safe, not even those packing handguns who think they will save the day sometime. When in fact, they are making all of us feel less safe.

Oh, but we keep being told, we have the right to bear arms. Seems to me the right to have guns in public has stolen from us of all our other rights. In this country, we are supposed to have unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as well as the right to peaceable assembly — all of which are paramount to the right of owning assault rifles. And all were taken by this coward because he wanted to exert his right. And because of the cowards in Congress who won’t stand up to the NRA.

An owner of a shotgun, but not a member of the NRA.

Kay Rippelmeyer



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