To the Editor:

When in this going to stop? Now they want to remove Christopher Columbus statue. This is the worst thing that I have ever heard of. This man discovered America.

Every statue that has already and those on the chopping block has contributed to our history. People need to learn to respect the heritage, all the Confederate statues are very important people that made up our history. It doesn't matter that they were slave owners or that they are saying that Christopher Columbus was brutal towards Native Americans, that was before our time. Get over it.

Removing the pieces of history is not going to change anything. We are not born with hate in our hearts, we are taught to hate. All lives matter, there are much more important issues today to worry about than what happened hundreds of years ago. What is next, rewrite the history books. The immigrants came to this country to follow the American Dream, not to forget where they came from, but to be proud of who they are.

Years ago there were problems in East St. Louis between the police and the black community. There was a documentary made, "The Battle of East St. Louis." They showed this to the students in the schools (language was edited). This film helped with the problems back then. The hate needs to stop now before we all destroy everything. It is funny how children will play with each other without looking at color.

Dawn Rogers



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