CARBONDALE — The SIU baseball program signed Bryson and Bradyn Reed to the 2018 team on Tuesday evening in the SIU baseball clubhouse.

Bryson, age 4, is recovering from a Wilms tumor. Bradyn, age 9, also had health problems in infancy when his kidneys stayed fused together instead of separating. Bryson and Bradyn have a locker in the Saluki Baseball clubhouse.

The Reed family is from Johnston City, and was set up with the Saluki Baseball team through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. Friends of Jaclyn is a foundation that aims to improve the quality of life for children battling pediatric brain tumors and other childhood cancers by pairing them with local teams, clubs and community groups.

"We are thrilled to welcome Bryson and Bradyn to the Saluki Baseball family," coach Ken Henderson said. "We look forward to building a lasting relationship with their family, which benefits everyone. When you hear their story, it puts everything in perspective. They are a great example of courage, toughness, and faith."

On Tuesday, the entire team was on hand to greet the Reed family when they arrived, and the Salukis celebrated the signing. Bryson and Bradyn personally presented every member of the team with a Team Bryson commemorative blue bracelet. Henderson and the team presented the Reeds with Saluki Baseball hats, sweats, and personalized jersey t-shirts in their new locker.

Bryson and Braden will have access to the clubhouse throughout the 2018 season. They are invited to participate in team activities and game days.