Sean Harrell

OF, 6-0, 190

The outfielder has been hitting very well as of late and is batting .421 in 18 games this season. The 2010 Georgia College and State University graduate missed nearly a month of action earlier this season because of a foot injury. But he's really given the Miners a lift since he returned in late June.

In college you made the All-Academic Team, and that's hard to do when you're also facing a demanding sports schedule. How were you able to do so well on the academic side as well?

It was tough. My first year of college I came in as a business major, and I wasn't really focused on school because of baseball. I had a few injuries my sophomore year that kind of propelled me to focus more on academics because I saw that athletics wouldn't always be there for me. It was just a lot of balancing, and you've got to find that real good equilibrium when you're on the field four or five hours a day. Then you're in the classroom for several hours and you have homework on top of that. For me it was about having some self-control and just maintaining every day with good balance.

I know that you're parents are in the medical field, so did that put any pressure on you?

It wasn't a lot of pressure, and I wasn't the brightest student growing up. I didn't really work hard at all. It kind of ended up being my pathway on going into biology and medicine and all of that. It never came from my parents and was just all on my own. I gained an interest in the medical field because of all the injuries I accrued in college. My parents are a great soundboard to go back to if I ever have any questions or anything.

Are you definitely planning on going to medical school some day?

That's the plan, and I'm actually applying right now. I don't know what I want to specialize in. Everything I've done I've really enjoyed. I've done emergency, psychiatry, internal medicine and orthopedic surgery. I watched some surgeries over at SIOC while I was injured. I love baseball and everything it brings, but at the same time, I know it's going to come to an end some day. To be able to walk in there and see it and still be excited about it lets you know you're in the right spot.

What's it like when you're as hot with the bat as you are right now?

It's wonderful, and it's definitely a good feeling when you have that feeling that you're seeing the ball really well and getting timely hits. But the most important thing is that it feels good to be back out here. I was injured most of the first half and just to be able to come back and contribute to this team is a great honor for me.

You're on base percentage is over .500. Is it hard to be patient and take those walks when every player really wants to get a hit?

That is hard, and I do struggle with that from time to time. Some games you feel like you're doing so well, fouling pitches and hitting the ball hard, but it doesn't result in a hit sometimes. From day one, I've always been an on base guy, and coaches growing up always tell you with speed you just want to get on because you can make things happen. A hit is just as good as a walk and vice versa for a player like me.

You played for a Team USA Junior Team in Holland and Germany in 2006. What was that experience like?

It was a wonderful experience getting to play all over the place. Getting to see the Dutch culture was rewarding for me. I loved meeting all the people over there as well.

- Scott Mees

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