Details for HEAR 4 U INC - Ad from 2019-09-08

½ PRICE SALE BRAND NEW CUSTOM MADE Why Pay More? Call Today & Save! SALE ENDS FRIDAY Southern Illinoisian Coupon FREE Bring this coupon in for one FREE carton of batteries Video Otoscope Ear Inspection** “40“ batteries Retail Value $50 with purchase of each new hearing instrument Call Tina Melvin & Lonnie Melvin, BC-HIS Over 35 Years Experience PremEar Full Shell Reg. $ 618-218-2986 PremEar 1/2 Shell $ Reg. TM NOW ONLY 999 NOW ONLY 399 Full Shell PremEar Canal $ Reg. TM 1199 NOW ONLY NATIONAL BOARD FOR CERTIFICATION IN HEARING INSTRUMENT SCIENCES 1299 $ $ With Class A Circuit and 1 year warranty With Class A Circuit and 1 year warranty With Class A Circuit and 1 year warranty Half Shell Canal DRIVE A LITTLE SAVE A LOT! • CARBONDALE • MURPHYSBORO • MARION • WEST FRANKFORT • MT. VERNON • HARRISBURG Main Office HEAR 4 U, INC. 702 S. Logan St., West Frankfort, IL NOW ONLY 699 599 $ 618-218-2986 PremEar CIC $ Reg. TM $ TM 1699 799 With Class A Circuit and 1 year warranty Standard CIC Call now for an appointment at the location nearest you 30 FREE DAY TRIAL *Chargeable Options. Hearing Test Always Free. **Not A Medical Exam. ***Audiometric test to determine amplification needs only. ONE YEAR REMAKE

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