Details for SO IL HEALTHCARE MARKETING - Ad from 2018-09-09

N OW ACC E P T I N G N E W PAT I E N TS Medical Oncology & Hematology WHAT IS MEDICAL ONCOLOGY & HEMATOLOGY? The diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancers or disorders of the blood, solid organs, or soft tissues. Muhammad Popalzai, MD Bachir Farah, MD Hammad Shafqat, MD F EL LOWSHI P TRAINING F E L LOWS H I P TR A I N I N G FELLOWSHI P T RAI NI NG STAT E N I S L A N D, N Y NEW ORLEANS, LA CHARLESTO N, SC Georges Tanios, MD Paula PierceSavoie, PA F EL LOWSHI P TRAINING P H YS I C I A N ASS I STA N T TR A I N I N G Staten Island University Hospital Tulane University School of Medicine N EW OR L EA N S, L A Alberto Cuartas, MD F EL LOWSHI P TRAINING University of Tennessee M EM P HI S, T N Tulane University School of Medicine Bethel University PA R I S , TN 618.993.1030 3008 Civic Circle Blvd Marion, IL Medical University of South Carolina 618.985.3333 1400 Pin Oak Dr Carterville, IL

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