Details for THREE ANGELS BROADCASTING - Ad from 2019-05-22

3ABN SPRING CAMP MEETING JUNE 5-8 We hope you’ll join us on our beautiful southern Illinois campus as some of the most anointed speakers we know of share on the Law of Love & Liberty — and each of the Ten Commandments. Also hear engaging sermons and seminars from your 3ABN family. And enjoy music concerts, programs for children of all ages, television studio tours, and more! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS James Rafferty David Shin John Bradshaw Ty Gibson Wintley Phipps Kenny Shelton C.A. Murray Ryan Day Julia Outkina Jill & Greg Morikone Tammy Chance Melody Shelton-Firestone John Lomacang Kameron DeVasher Jay Gallimore Danny Shelton & Yvonne Lewis-Shelton Rosemary Malkiewycz Shelley Quinn Tim Parton Roy & Earlenne Hunt Reggie & Ladye Love Smith WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 2019 6:00 PM Music Hour 7:00 PM With His Own Finger – James Rafferty 8:00 PM God’s Governmental Sovereignty – John Bradshaw THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 2019 9:00 AM Before Mt. Sinai – David Shin 10:00 AM The Commandments and the Everlasting Covenant – Shelley Quinn 11:30 AM First Commandment – Only One True God – James Rafferty 12:30 PM LUNCH BREAK (complimentary lunch provided) 6:00 PM Music Hour 7:00 PM Second Commandment – Make No Idols – Ty Gibson 8:00 PM Third Commandment – Don’t Take God’s Name in Vain – Wintley Phipps FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019 9:00 AM Fourth Commandment – A Temple in Time – Ryan Day 10:00 AM Fourth Commandment – A Day of Celebration – David Shin 11:30 AM Fifth Commandment – Honor Your Parents – John Lomacang 12:30 PM LUNCH BREAK (complimentary lunch provided) 6:00 PM Music Hour 7:00 PM Sixth Commandment – Don’t Commit Murder – Kenny Shelton 8:00 PM Seventh Commandment – Don’t Commit Adultery – C.A. Murray SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019 9:00 AM Sabbath School Panel – Little Times of Trouble 10:30 AM Divine Worship – Danny Shelton 12:30 PM LUNCH BREAK (complimentary lunch provided) 2:00 PM Eight Commandment – Don’t Steal – Kameron DeVasher 3:00 PM Ninth Commandment – Don’t Bear False Witness – Jill Morikone 6:00 PM Tenth Commandment – Don’t Covet – John Lomacang 7:00 PM The Patience of the Saints – Jay Gallimore CAN’T BE THERE IN PERSON? WAYS TO WATCH/LISTEN 3ABN Worship Center 3577 Angel Lane Thompsonville, IL Local TV Over the air TV (antenna) UHF ch.15 Cable TV NewWave Communications Mediacom Cable ch. 185 ch. 4 3ABN Radio Du Quoin and communities within a 50-mile radius 95.9 FM Live Stream Stream 24/7 through our website or our YouTube Channel @3ABNVideos 3ABN App Download the mobile 3ABN Television and Radio app for Apple and Android devices mySDAtv Stream 3ABN directly to your TV. No monthly fee, visit Roku Stream directly to your TV, visit DISH Network Ch. 9393* visit *available upon request VISIT 3ABNCAMPMEETING.ORG OR CALL (618) 627-4651

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