Details for SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN PROMOTION - Ad from 2020-06-28

T hank You

to all that participated in the Southern’S
new coworkerS photo conteSt!
the First place winner will receive an elite
home protection plan from
Service detectives!
the First place winner is
Sophie Jo
I’ve worked so hard with Mommy today – I’m exhausted!
Sophie Jo wins an Elite Home Protection Plan from Service Detectives.

the runners ups below will win a Free ac evaluation and tune up

BeauZeau cockatiel, computer Geek
BeauZeau’s keyboard skills are limited to the
“hunt and peck” method.

harding working dog

Insurance work is exhausting

co-worker whisper kitty

My Co-worker has a problem with napping
while doing essential work!

ariy & Jesse

henry adam

That look when you learn mommy and daddy
will be working from home.

asleep on the job!

Husband ( co-worker) is asleep on the job!

Monty “helping”

This furry little man LOVES having Mom home all day,
but doesn’t quite understand why she’s not giving him
more attention!

Sammy hutson

Work Is Exhausting!

One eye sleepy Samm


pride my doberman

Scout and I are both wondering how Brodie
got on the kitchen stool and why he wanted to.

Mocha and ozzy

Mocha the tortie and Ozzy the lhasapoo!

My supervisor today!

Frank the Feline assistant

Frank assisting with spreadsheets and emails.

preparedness poodles

Preparedness Poodles permit peaceful prevention.

daisy Mae

Caught in the act.

#1 assistant

How can I help?

My coworker got in my ravioli

My Bama got in my ravioli when my back
was turned!


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