Details for MURPHYSBORO COMM SCHOOL 186 - Ad from 2019-12-01

ANNUAL STATEMENT OF AFFAIRS SUMMARY FOR FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2019 Copies of the detailed Annual Statement of Affairs for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019 will be available for public inspection in the school district/joint agreement administrative office by December 1, annually. Individuals wanting to review this Annual Statement of Affairs should contact: Murphysboro CUSD #186 593 Ava Road, Murphysboro, IL 62966 (618) 684-3781 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. M-F School District/Joint Agreement Name Address Telephone Office Hours Also by January 15, annually the detailed Annual Statement of Affairs for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019, will be posted on the Illinois State Board of Education’s website@ SUMMARY: The following is the Annual Statement of Affairs Summary that is required to be published by the school district/joint agreement for the past fiscal year. Statement of Operations as of June 30, 2019 Operations & Maintenance Educational Debt Services Transportation Municipal Retirement/ Social Security 624,689 704,704 0 0 Working Cash Local Sources 1000 5,376,020 906,966 2000 0 0 State Sources 3000 16,728,600 0 0 1,041,089 0 0 0 0 0 Federal Sources 4000 2,772,902 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Total Direct Receipts/Revenues 24,877,522 906,966 409,418 1,665,778 704,704 2,639,115 97,019 479,562 83,268 Total Direct Disbursements/Expenditures 24,200,493 818,098 854,992 1,608,099 637,716 5,762,320 421,877 128,096 20,855 (110,909) 1,008,114 0 0 2,103,683 (20,855) 0 0 3,478,939 795,035 361,336 316,141 85,236 5,194,824 948,603 201,920 186,652 Beginning Fund Balances - July 1, 2018 Other Changes in Fund Balances Ending Fund Balances June 30, 2019 2,639,115 Fire Prevention & Safety Tort Flow-Through Receipts/ Revenues from One District to Another District Other Sources/Uses of Funds 409,418 Capital Projects 97,019 479,562 83,268 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4,176,823 772,994 923,876 373,820 152,224 4,175,302 1,024,767 259,605 141,824 SALARY SCHEDULE OF GROSS PAYMENTS FOR CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL AND NON-CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL Murphysboro CUSD #186 30-039-1860-26 GROSS PAYMENT FOR CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Atha, Baba, Beckman, Beggs, Bigelow, Bigham, Black-Raines, Bottom, Bragg, Brown, E., Burtley, C., Burtley, G., Byrd, Carrington, A., Carber, Castleberry, Chin, Christel, Clark, A., Conti, Crowder, Ebbler, Esling, Farhang, Gilmore, Glodo, Goetting, Gurley, Hall, Hammers, J., Hansston, J., Hansston,K., Haywood, Hechler, Hensley, Hinkle, Jacobs, James, Janssen, Jones, J., Jones, K., Keenan, King, Krienert, Landers, Lilley, Luecking -Catron, Lunz, Manigault-McElvee, Marten, S., McCann, M., McCan, R., McCutchen, McGrath, Oakley, O’Dell, Otum, Payne, Perschbacher, Peterson, Petrelli, Petty, Powell, Pugh, Ramsey, Rohrer, Rowald, Ruffner, Rushing, Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Russell, Sarginson, Sauer, Schmidt, Schropp, Showalter, Sizemore, Skortz, Smith, C., Smith, K., Starrick, Suits, Suthard, Swafford, M., Swafford, S., Thomas, Thrailkill, Ward, S., Weber, Williams, M.,Woodward, J. Salary Range: $25,000 - $39,999 Ahlfield, Austin, Baltzell, Coleman, Collier, Ferguson, Giacomo, Harry, Hiller, Hostert, Jokisch, Mabrey, Martin, McKinney, Mieldezis, Perkins, Perry-Wagner, Potmas, Skoffic, Smith, M., Stegmann, Vaughn Salary Range: $40,000 - $59,999 Allison, Asa, Baker, K., Baker, S., Bartnick, Bastien, Batteau, Blossom, Blumenstock, Boudet, Bower, K., Brasel, R., Brock, Brown, D., Brown, 0., Bundren, Burgess, Caldwell, T., Carter, M.,Chamness, Cochran, Dement, Denton, Doerr, Ehlers, T., Ellermeyer, J., Elwell, Falaster, Fry, Gahagan, N., Gale, J., Gardner, Geis, A., Geis, J., Goode, Goot, Graeff, Jen, Grandt, Green, M., Griswold, Haddick, Haney, Hankins, Hanson, Hargraves, Harris, T., Heins, Herring-Hoppensted, Hertter, Hickam, S., Hicks, B., Hobbs, Huppert, Jerrells, Karg, Kames, Kilquist, Kirkman, Koberstein, Kowzan, Landewee, Langellier, Laux, Lazorchak, Leek, Lemons, Marlow, May, McNeely, Menz, Mileur, C., Milton, T., Salary Range: $40,000 - $59,999 Moore, W., Moreland, Mucher, O’Leary, Ottesen, Parr, Patterson, J., PelzerMoreland, Phillips, Pierson, M., Ray, Reiman, Ripley, K., Runge, A., Russell, Scott, Shuler, Stanton, S., Stroud, Kelly, Sutphin, Svanda, Taylor, D., Tefft, Thames, Tyner, Waddington, Ward, T., Wells, White, Jessica, Williams, J., Winters, A., Yokum, Young Salary Range: 60,000 - $89,999 Carrington, S., Carter, G., Clark, Collins, Cook, Doggan, Ehlers, C., Ellermeyer, C.,Hickam, K., Jurich, Keener, Layne, Mahoney, Manwaring, Morris, Murphy, Novara, Patterson, M., Rose, Schimpf, S., Shields, L., Stilley, B., Stilley, D., Stroud, Ken, Todd, Tripp, Whtte, Jeff, Whittington, Wittenbom-Sikorski, Woodward Salary Range: $90,000 and over Grade, C., GROSS PAYMENT FOR NON-CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Aguilar, Aken, Alexander, C., Alexander, V., Arbeiter, Atha, Attig, Ayers, Baggott, Baker, J., Barge, Jesse F., Barge, Jesse W., Barringer, Bateman, Beck, A., Biggs, Blaise, Bloemer, Bodkin, Bottom, Bower, M., Bowring, Bragg, Brooks, Brown, A., Brown, J., Bunselmeyer, G., Burk, Butcher, Bymes, Caraway, Carrington, A., Carrington, M., Caskey, Castleberry, Chambers, Chancey, Childers, Chin, Clover, Bridgett, Clover, Bryce, Clover, R., Crooks, Cross, H., Cross, J., Cross, K., Crowder, Crowell, Davis, M., Decker, Derby, Dickerson, Dietz, Dooley, Douglas, S., Droge, Dry, Ellis, J., Ellis, K., Ellis-Ciover, Er Fairless, Farmer, Freeman, Gahagan, A., Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Galbraith, Gale, M., Gamer, Gee, Gilmore, Gordon, Goss, Gould, Green, J., Guthman, Matt, Guthman, Melinda, Hahn, Hamilton, Hammers, C., Hammers, J., Hampton, Hams, B., Haywood, Hickman, Hinkle, Homan, Hopkins, House, Hunziker, C., Hunziker, J., Ice, lmhoff, A., lmhoff, J., lngebrigtsen, Jeralds, Johnson, J., Johnston, Jones, K., Keenen, Keller, Kelley, Krienert, Laughland, Legrand, Lydy, Marks, Marten, R., Marten, S., McCann, A,. McCann, M., McCann, R., McDonnell, McGriff, McGuire, McNeely, Meadows, Milton, T., Mobbs, Monte, Moore, C., Moore, S., Moore, T., Murray, Chanez, Murray, Chase, Nelson, C., Norris, Norton, Oliver- Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Bankhead, Ostrom, Otum, Passmore, Phoenix, Pinkston, Props!, Rafael, Rhoden, Robinson, Rodewald, Roe, Rogers, C., Rogers, Kathy, Rolle, Ruffner, Sagez, Sanders, Sauer, Schimpf, C., Schropp, Scott, Seanez-Rodriguez, Shields, V., Singleton, Smith, A., Smith, C., Smith, M., Smith, S., Snowden, Starrick, Stein, Sullivan, Swafford, Tellor, D., Tellor, R., Terry, Thompson, H., Thompson, J., Thompson, P., Thompson, Q., Treshansky, Truitt, Tuttle, A., Vaughn, F., Vestal, Waldron, Wallace, Ward, C., Ward, J., Ward, S., Whitecotton, Whitlock, Wills, Wimberly, Wohlwend, Wood, Wright, J., Wright, M., Wyatt, Young, A., Young, B. Salary Range: $25,000 - $39,999 Batson, Beck F., Brasel, C., Brown, K., Camden, Cheatham, Estrada-Fiores, Ferrris, Graeff, Jo, Grammer, lhle, lmhoff, C., Kilpatrick, Lipe, Lipsey, Marston, McDaniel, T., Mifflin-Bievins, Porter, S., Rogers, D., Tuttle, K., Wilson, A. Salary Range: $40,000 - $59,999 Davison, Haldeman, Helfrich, Hlnes, Marshall, G., McDaniel, B., Pierson, K., Rogers, K., Ward, N. Salary Range: $60,000 and over Bush, Ripley, D., Payments over $2,500, excluding wages and salaries. Murphysboro CUSD #186 2018-2019 30-039-1860-26 Person, Firm, or Corporation ABSOLUTE PLUMBING AEP ENERGY AFLAC AIRBORNE ATHLETICS, INC. A&K SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS ALEPH OBJECTS, INC AMALGAMATED BANK OF CHICAGO AMEREN ILLINOIS ATTN FLEX ACCOUNT ADM AMERICAN EXPRESS AMERICAN FIDELITY AMERICAN FIDELITY PTAX AMERICAN FIDELITY ASSURANCE THE HOME DEPOT PRO AMERICAN WATER TRTMT ATHLETICO MANAGEMENT ATHLETIC IMPREST AWARDS AMERICA A&W PLUMBING & HEATING BALDWIN PIANO & ORGAN CTR LYNN BEGGS BUTT AND GAINES, P.C. BLOOMNGTON DISTRICT 87 BLOOMINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS BRAIN POP LLC BROWN ELECTRIC, INC BUILDING SERVICES SUPPLY INC. BUREAU OF EDUC & RES BYTESPEED CAPSTONE STEVE CARRINGTON CARROLL SEATING CDW GOVERNMENT CENGAGE LEARNING CENTRAL STATES FUNDS CHEMCO CINTAS CORPORATION CINTAS FIRE CITY OF MURPHYSBORO CLOVER ROOFING CONST CLUTTS ENTERPRISES CONTRACT PAPER GROUP CONSTELLATION NEW ENERGY GA CTS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS CUSUMANO & SONS CYBERNAUTIC DD/FED FICA MCARE DEPOSIT DECKER EQUIPMENT DECKER INC. DEKALB COMMUNITY UNIT 428 DEMCO, INC DEPT OF EDUCATION AWG DESIGNS UNLIMITED DIGIINTERNATIONAL, INC DIGITAL BY DESIGN DOLLAMUR SPORT SURFACES DPT DATA POWER TECHNOLOGY EDMENTUM EGYPTIAN ASPHALT & SEALCOATI EGYPTIAN ELECTRIC ELKS LODGE EMLING AND HOFFMAN, P.C. ENVIRO-TECH TERMITE & PEST CO EVRARD-STRANG CONSTRUCTION FAGER MCGEE CONST FIRST BANK & TRUST FIRST NONPROFIT FIRST SOUTHERN BANK FISHER AUTO PARTS FJM INC FKG OIL FOLLETT SCHOOL SOLUTIONS FOLLETT LIBRARY RESOURCES Aggregate Amount 59,647.93 309,547.61 5,990.24 6,270.00 7,630.00 10,688.75 524,482.50 16,251.11 173,132.74 128,791.34 38,708.60 127,892.07 108,867.33 76,460.49 5,487.16 34,999.98 43,598.57 3,223.60 11,545.00 8,593.90 68,383.00 2,696.34 33,560.82 15,005.28 5,866.00 369,957.24 26,145.67 5,693.00 76,664.00 16,762.20 19,522.00 8,815.94 76,000.38 214,479.00 118,317.20 5,892.90 24,214.63 4,854.73 50,840.97 9,520.00 20,873.76 20,941.20 46,077.98 46,395.07 17,945.25 2,880.00 1,603,455.15 8,603.61 8,581.59 12,527.15 4,382.51 5,088.16 27,607.25 3,976.00 112,800.00 9,125.00 7,590.00 7,612.50 2,630.18 23,287.39 4,900.51 13,600.00 10,311.00 412,010.48 4,490,579.30 48,179.50 22,150.00 13,530.40 14,672.58 24,960.00 17,023.33 18,333.26 2,521.02 Person, Firm, or Corporation FRESHWORKS FRONTIER GEORGIA MARSHALL GRAMMER SEPTIC CLEANING GREAT AMERICA LEASING CORP HALL'S SERVICE LLC HEALTHSCOPE BENEFITS, INC HEARTLAND MECHANICAL CONT HENRY SCHEIN HINES OIL COMPANY, INC. HOBART SALES & SERVICE HORACE MANN LIFE INS CO HP PRODUCTS HUMM'S TRUCK & AUTO RPR HURST-ROCHE ENGINEERS IASB IHSA IKE HONDA ILLINOIS DEPT OF REVENUE ILLINI CLOUD IL MTSS NETWORK IL STATE BRD OF EDUCATION IL SCHOOL DISTRICT INSURANCE ILLINOIS STATE DISBURSEMENT U IMPREST FUND IMRF IMRF- ERI J/P REGIONAL DELIVERY SYSTEM JACKSON CEO JIM TAYLOR ROOFING INC J.T. BLANKINSHIP, INC. KAM SERVICES, INC KIDACCOUNT KOHL WHOLESALE LANGHORST CONSTRUCTION LEE’S SPORTS LINCOLN PRAIRIE BEHAVIOR LOWES LYON INDUSTRIES, INC. MARION GLASS AND MIRROR MARK’S LOCK & KEY MARKOFF LAW LLC MASS MUTUAL MATRIX TRUST COMPANY MCCARVILLE PAINTING MCGRAW-HILL MEBULBS MEDIACOM MIDWEST MUSIC SUPPLY MOBYMAX MODERN OFFICE CONNECTIONS MODERN TILE & CARPET, INC MURDALE TRUE VALUE MURPHYSBORO CUSD #186 MURPHYSBORO EDUCATION ASSOCI MURPHYSBORO HIGH SCHOOL MURPHYSBORO MIDDLE SCHOOL MYSTERY SCIENCE NAPA AUTO PARTS NASCO NEGWER DOOR SYSTEMS NWEA ORCA BOOK PUBLISHERS PAYROLL PEARSON ASSESSMENTS PERMA-BOUND PIONEER MANUGACTURING COM PITNEY BOWES INC PLAYGROUND BOARDERS DIRECT PLAZA TIRE SERVICE PLP BATTERY SUPPLY POWERSCHOOL GROUP LLC PRAIRIE FARMS DIARY, INC. Aggregate Amount 2,700.00 76,291.66 3,192.50 3,090.78 46,811.56 17,514.67 2,346,730.86 16,302.61 2,768.75 112,436.87 8,393.48 11,216.00 25,907.25 3,430.64 331,082.99 10,709.00 3,615.50 28,431.76 520,767.00 3,583.50 28,728.00 5,014.00 171,378.00 29,006.36 4,863.59 442,686.17 23,062.75 9,202.00 10,000.00 29,740.21 2,590.00 6,945.16 8,200.00 223,851.04 7,313.38 13,448.20 3,500.00 2,904.21 15,698.00 8,546.80 4,148.02 5,457.60 6,975.00 7,920.00 14,125.00 153,136.38 6,998.94 44,405.15 33,540.00 19,980.00 136,510.88 33,589.23 2,514.92 11,133.96 106,833.00 17,695.22 8,304.01 2,997.00 4,809.08 6,783.06 4,992.88 12,375.00 6,065.52 8,746,031.57 5,037.50 11,640.57 2,759.20 3,293.99 5,317.67 3,196.03 4,176.68 26,462.37 68,462.47 Person, Firm, or Corporation PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT PROQUEST LLC QUALITY SHEET METALS QUILL CORPORATION READ NATURALLY RENAISSANCE LEARNING INC REPUBLIC SERVICES #732 RESERVE ACCOUNT RIDDELL INC ROE #30 RON GOBIN ENTERPRISES, INC ROTH RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO RP COATINGS RS TRAILER SALES RURAL KING DISTRIBUTING SADDLEBACK EDUCATIONAL SANDY’S COMMUNICATIONS SCHOLASTIC MAGAZINES SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC SECURITY ALARM CORPORATION SHAWNEE CUSD #84 SHIVELBINE’S MUSIC STORE SILKWORM, INC SIMPLE K12 SOUTHERNILMOTORSPORTS JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PRO SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN NEWSPAPER SOUTHERN IL PIPING CONTR SIU-C OFICE OF SPONSORED PROJE SOUTHERN FS, INC SOUTHERN IL VIDEO SYSTEMS SOUTHERN BUS & MOBILITY SOUTHWESTERN IL BUS CO SPECIALIZED DATA SYSTEMS SPECIALIZED SERVICES, INC. SPEEDLINK SQUARECLUE INNOVATIONS STAGELIGHT TENNESSEE STILES OFICE SOLUTIONS SUMMIT ENVIRONMENTAL SERV SUMMITT FINANCIAL RESOURCE TEAMSTERS LOCAL NO. 50 TERRACE FENCE CO, INC TEXAS LIFE THE EARTHGRAINS COMPANY THE MATH LEARNING CENTER TITAN SCHOOL SOLUTIONS TRI-COUNTY SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS RETIREMENT TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM ET TEACHERS RETIREMENT FED TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM TH TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM ET TUETH,KEENEY,COOPER UMB BANK, CORPORATE TRUST US BANCORP GOVERNMENT US FOODSERVICE VALIC VARSITY SPIRIT FASHIONS VERIZON WIRELESS VIRCO VISA - COMMERCE BANK VISTA LEARNING, NFP VOSS LIGHTING WAL MART WEST BUS SERVICE WIESE USA W.J. BURKE ELECTRIC CO WORKERS’ COMPENSATION WORTHINGTON DIRECT WRIGHTS BUILDING CENTER INC YEWELL INSURANCE AGENCY Aggregate Amount 4,328.04 2,960.00 7,196.00 9,372.32 2,850.00 46,510.41 28,085.02 4,000.00 10,741.08 13,387.00 41,670.95 17,377.23 26,845.00 2,895.00 4,014.96 11,420.41 8,885.00 4,665.23 9,296.34 9,861.50 14,931.72 2,531.33 23,425.57 2,975.00 8,478.00 4,298.00 2,768.31 21,604.09 5,054,309.76 8,983.24 152,275.75 100,078.00 4,340.00 29,500.00 34,680.00 7,100.00 19,114.00 4,557.92 16,028.14 5,110.00 5,325.59 6,300.00 6,985.00 34,921.28 19,637.25 11,600.94 5,450.00 6,424,989.16 856,862.87 87,544.01 17,528.64 117,997.57 55,196.55 56,973.38 219,918.00 52,398.23 120,024.69 4,800.00 8,857.61 19,562.51 8,811.00 2,524.37 3,991.50 5,005.00 8,358.42 1,326,206.31 9,889.24 28,678.63 173,305.00 9,126.24 8,165.76 3,341.55

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