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Thank You Southern Illinois University School of Medicine wishes to acknowledge and thank the following physicians who taught first-year medical students during the 2018-2019 academic year. Without their commitment and dedication, the students’ clinical experience would be greatly diminished. Issa Abedmahmoud, M.D. Osama Aaflaq, M.D. Naresh Ahuja, M.D. Saad Ajmal, M.D. Fakhre Alam, M.D. Raed Al-Dallow, M.D. James Alexander, M.D. Kent Arnold, M.D. Roland Barr, M.D. Farah Bachir, M.D. Shawn Beckemeyer, M.D. Sadashivaiah Bhaskar, M.D. Beth Bigham, M.D. Dale Blaise, M.D. Amanda Bleichner, M.D. Keith Burchill, M.D. Lovely Chhabra, M.D. Michael Chipman, D.O. Vadzim Chyzhyk, M.D. Clint Connor, M.D. Nader Dababneh, M.D. Dennon Davis, M.D. Shobha Dayal, M.D. Clay DeMattei, M.D. Mark Donvito, M.D. Othniel Doolittle, M.D. M. Blaine Eubanks, M.D. Elbert Fasnacht II, M.D. J. Gregg Fozard, M.D. Daniel Fulk, D.O. Lana Galan, M.D. Alex Garrido, M.D. Hashim Gazi, M.D. Aline Gilbert-Johnson, M.D. Terrence Glennon, M.D. Robert Golz, M.D. Joseph Haake, M.D. Kelly Higgins, M.D. Alejandro Hornik, M.D. Andrea Humphrey, M.D. Jon Humphrey, M.D. Pamela Hunter-Reach, M.D. Suhail Istanbouly, M.D. Mohammad Jabbar, M.D. Brent Jones, M.D. Sherry Jones, M.D. Vikas Kalra, M.D. Muhammad Kamran, M.D. Muhammad Khan, M.D. Elizabeth Lawler, M.D. Jeffrey Lehman, M.D. Paula Lindner, M.D. G. Shawn Lynchard, M.D. Parag Madhani, M.D. Gangadhar Malasana, M.D. Sara Malone, M.D. David Mann, M.D. Kevin Martin, D.O. Melissa Martinez Mateo, M.D. Mack McCain, M.D. Gerald McClallen, D.O. Deedra McLain, M.D. Amanda Mulch, M.D. Kyaw Naing, M.D. Charles Neal, M.D. Aaron Newcomb, D.O. Nate Oldham, M.D. Varadendra Panchamukhi, M.D. Jeffrey Parks, M.D. James Pavlovich, M.D. Mary Pohlmann, M.D. Sujatha Rao, M.D. Brian Reach, M.D. Andrew Riffey, M.D. Patrick Riley, M.D. Jeffrey Ripperda, M.D. Jennifer Rose, M.D. Eric Ruebke, M.D. Gretel Ruiz-Jorge, M.D. Anad Salem, M.D. Amar Sawar, M.D. Suven Shankar, M.D. Socorro Shelton, M.D. Sharon Smaga, M.D. Todd Smith, M.D. Michael Staff, PA-C Kathy Swafford, M.D. Weiyi Tang, M.D. Javier Tellagorry, M.D. Sushilkumar Tibrewala, M.D. Robert Tiffin, M.D. Gladstone Tucker, M.D. Ukeme Umana, M.D. Kelli Webb, M.D. Clare Williams, M.D. Matthew Winkleman, M.D. Andrew Yochum, D.O. Physicians interested in mentoring students should contact Cris Anderson, M.D. at 453-1586. Participating in this program enables you to receive AMA category II and/or AAFP credit for a portion of your time.

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