Details for ADVANCED ENERGY SOLUTIONS - Ad from 2021-02-20

Batteries = Security by Tim Serles Anyone who was present in Southern Illinois in early May of 2009 remembers the unique storm that hit the region. It is the only reason many of us know what a derecho is. The storm was devastating, many residents were without power for two weeks or more. However, a rare superstorm is hardly the only event capable of leaving a family without the energy they need. Smaller storms, traffic accidents, and too many other scenarios to list can knock out power for days. Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized energy storage. Predecessors, such as lead-acid batteries, require a lot of space, ventilation, and maintenance; lithium-ion batteries are safe, efficient, and virtually maintenance-free. Energy storage paired with a solar system is a winning combination for those seeking security for their families. These systems are still eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit, and they generate energy savings for 25 years. Batteries can be paired with systems both large and small to meet the needs of consumers. Many families often keep a small gas-powered generator around for situations just like these. Because having enough power for necessities and a Currently, AES Solar primarily few creature comforts provides installs the LG Dry Chem solace and stability during a lithium-ion battery. These can time of crisis. store 9.8 kilowatt hours (kWh) Today, batteries are fully of energy, and up to two can be capable of creating this level paired with a SolarEdge system. of comfort without refueling or LG offers a 10-year warranty, repair-prone moving parts. Solar and the batteries have passed panels allow us to harness the rigorous UL testing for safety power of the sun, and batteries and effectiveness. allow us to store it! Solar costs One battery might not run a have dropped around 21% over 4 years, and energy storage has whole home, but it will keep the been following suit. Security refrigerator running, a few lights through energy storage is on, and devices charged. When becoming more affordable the grid goes down, you and everyday, and even more so your loved ones will be glad you when you own the power purchased security by storing generated by your solar system. energy.

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