Details for GIANT CITY SCHOOL DIST 130 -Legals - Ad from 2020-11-21

ANNUAL STATEMENT OF AFFAIRS SUMMARY FOR FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2020 Copies of the detailed Annual Statement of Affairs for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020 will be available for public inspection in the school district/joint agreement administrative office by December 1, annually. Individuals wanting to review this Annual Statement of Affairs should contact: Giant City Consolidated School District #130 1062 Boskydell Road, Carbondale, IL 62902 618-457-5391 M-F 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM School District/Joint Agreement Name Address Telephone Office Hours Also by January 15, annually the detailed Annual Statement of Affairs for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020, will be posted on the Illinois State Board of Education’s website@ SUMMARY: The following is the Annual Statement of Affairs Summary that is required to be published by the school district/joint agreement for the past fiscal year. Statement of Operations as of June 30, 2020 Local Sources 1000 Flow-Through Receipts/ 2000 Revenues from One District to Another District State Sources 3000 Federal Sources 4000 Total Direct Receipts/Revenues Total Direct Disbursements/ Expenditures Other Sources/Uses of Funds Beginning Fund Balances July 1, 2019 Other Changes in Fund Balances Ending Fund Balances June 30, 2020 Educational Operations & Maintenance Debt Services Transportation 907,797 0 161,119 0 89,629 6,29,732 180,505 1,718,034 1,708,453 0 0 161,119 168,827 0 0 Capital Projects Working Cash 85,241 0 Municipal Retirement/ Social Security 84,006 0 163,636 20,806 157,496 23,002 0 0 89,629 143,504 56,256 0 141,497 106,575 0 0 84,006 73,171 50,000 0 213,636 102,328 0 0 20,806 0 0 157,496 96,626 0 0 23,002 55,173 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9,581 -7,708 -53,875 34,922 10,835 111,308 20,806 60,870 -32,171 Tort Fire Prevention & Safety SALARY SCHEDULE OF GROSS PAYMENTS FOR CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL AND NON-CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL Giant City Consolidated School District #130 30-039-1300-04 GROSS PAYMENT FOR CERTIFIED PERSONNEL Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Ms. Grace C. Bastien Mrs. Rebecca Hale Ms. Kelly Harrington Ms. Brittney N. Heser Mrs. Tyone S. Hill Mrs. Joanne L. Jamieson Mr. Tramell Malone Mr. Jacob A. Mccaughan Mrs. Christine D. Miller Mrs. Andrea Mize Ms. Gwendolyn Murphy Ms. Katherine Swierczek Salary Range: $25,000 $39,999 Ms. Joan A. Weber Salary Range: $40,000 $59,999 Ms. Rebecca R. Apgar Mrs. Michelle L. Bradley Ms. Nikki A. Burrows Mrs. Jessica A. Carsrud Mrs. Caryn M. Coyne-Skiles Mrs. Kimberly D. Dillow Ms. Kelly C. Futrell Mrs. Debra K. Henson Mrs. Sarah B. Honza Ms. Teresa E. Hutchison Mr. Brian S. Murley Mrs. April D. Noto Mr. Christopher L. Robison Mrs. Natalie A. Walker Salary Range: 60,000 $89,999 Salary Range: $25,000 $39,999 Mrs. Pamela K. Calhoun Ms. Edwina G. Carter Mrs. Linda S. Stearns Mr. Davis S. Wright Salary Range: $40,000 $59,999 Salary Range: $90,000 and over Mrs. Belinda C. Hil GROSS PAYMENT FOR NON-CERTIFIED PERSONNEL Salary Range: Less Than $25,000 Mrs. Teresa A. Armit Mrs. Jo A. Bach Mrs. Patricia L Bramlet Mr. Angelo V. Burris Mr. Hayden J. Carter Mr. Jalen M. Carter Mr. Mark Cook Mrs. Marissa Godlewski Ms. Caitlin N. Greer Mrs. Deborah C. Gurley Mr. Nicholas B. Hanson Mr. Raymond E. Hechler Mrs. Rebecca A. Jarvis Mr. Keith A. Joiner Mr. Cedric H. Malone Mrs. Laura L. Mcbride-Hicks Mrs. Kimberly S. Mcwhorter Mr. Dan M. Meggs Mrs. Donna J. Millard Mrs. Melissa L. Mott Mrs. Barbara J. Naugle Ms. Diane Norris Ms. Annabelle R. Pierce Ms. Nikki L. Rosenthal Mr. Robert E. Sargent Mrs. Kellie L. Schimpf Mr. Bobby L. Smith Ms. Leigh A. Thompson Mr. Logan W. Thompson Mrs. Tamara A. Thompson Mr. Unree Westley Ms. Mariann Wright Salary Range: $60,000 and over Mr. Ray C. Toliver Jr. Payments over $2,500, excluding wages and salaries. Giant City Consolidated School District #130 30-039-1300-04 Person, Firm, or Corporation Alfac American Fidelity Assurance American Fidelity Flex Belinda Hill Blitt And Gaines P.C. Card Services Centerstone of IL Clearwave Communications Constellation Energy Diane Norris EECA Gametime C/O Cunningham Recreation Giant City Impress Fund Guin Mundorf LLC H. Michael Bohnsack Heartland Mechanical Houghton Mifflin Company IL. Assoc. Of School Boards IL. Dept of Revenue IL. Municipal Retirement Illinois Education Association 1832111/21 Aggregate Amount 5,643.12 7,431.41 7,565.47 3,377.93 4,506.58 27,047.19 5,625.44 5,344.61 6,648.69 3,420.00 51,358.61 19,754.59 7,918.95 3,202.50 12,496.30 115,074.03 3,053.88 4,347.00 59,568.82 35,709.89 11,521.77 Person, Firm, or Corporation International Academy of Science Jackson County Sheriff Johnson Control Security Kujawa & Batteau, P.C. Power School Prairie Farms Dairy Quality Network Solutions Ricoh USA, INC. Scanics of Illinois LLC Silkworm Inc. Southern Illinois Piping Stalker Sports Floors Staples Credit Plan Sun Life Financial Teacher Health Insurance Security Teacher Retirement System Terminix The Home Depot Tri County Special Education US Foods Inc. Walmart Aggregate Amount 25,550.00 23,555.00 6,540.21 5,400.00 3,176.40 11,683.62 65,235.01 5,821.92 2,685.00 4,610.14 5,699.99 2,900.00 3,272.86 9,389.48 20,051.01 88,930.45 2,837.00 8,193.32 77,663.22 31,192.14 5,062.60

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