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Henry (pictured right) History of polyps – Routine screenings No cancer found Colon cancer screening You’re more important than you know. You touch lives. You give smiles. You are someone’s favorite person. Your health matters. Henry’s wife Maureen is a retired healthcare worker and an advocate for proactive screenings. She convinced Henry to get a routine colonoscopy a few years ago and some non-cancerous polyps were discovered and removed. Knowing he was healthy gave Henry peace of mind and a spirit of freedom to enjoy a carefree life in retirement with his wife and family. It also inspired him to continue his routine screenings to ensure a healthy, happy future. Four out of 10 adults will develop cancer in their lifetime, but screening tests can catch cancer early and help save lives. Give yourself and those who love you peace of mind, schedule a routine cancer screening and take control of your health today. To see Henry’s story and learn more about where you can schedule a cancer screening in your area, visit or call 314-310-7574. For the lives you touch.