Human Resources Philosophy

At The Southern Illinoisan, our success depends on the quality of our employees. We need people who are highly motivated, who can improve our present business and find new applications, and who are willing to be innovative. We believe this can be best attained in a climate that builds trust and openness and in which the concepts of professional management are understood and practiced by all members of the management team.  

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Our Human Resources Policy has three basic objectives:

  1. All employees should be encouraged to participate in decisions that affect their area of responsibility.
  2. All employees should have the opportunity to develop to the most of their potential, as they desire.
  3. All employees should be compensated based on their performance.

Through shared responsibility, we are striving to develop a climate and work environment that stimulates growth and contribution by our employees. In implementing this policy, we have two major goals: One is to develop a staff that will guarantee continued profitability and longevity. The other is to encourage employees to develop their talent and capabilities, for the additional value that will be provided to both themselves and the Company.  

This policy is intended to improve communication at all levels of the organization. Foremost are management attitudes and practice which encourage communication and sensitivity to the needs of our employees within the goals of the organization. We will work towards developing a climate that:  

  • • Encourages employees to participate in teamwork and shared responsibility for the development and achievement of the goals and objectives of their department and operating unit; and encourages employees to contribute their talents to meet those objectives.
  • • Expands employees' responsibilities and authority on the basis of performance and ability; and provides employees with periodic performance reviews.
  • • Encourages employee development and growth through training, education and promotional opportunities.
  • • Develops management sensitivity to the direct and indirect effects of decisions on others.
  • • Provides an atmosphere which encourages communication at all levels.
  • • Affirms our belief in the value of individual and team effort.
  • • Compensates employees through the administration of performance and salary reviews and other compensation and benefit programs.
  • • Promotes employees on the basis of past performance and qualifications for greater responsibility.
  • • Attracts outstanding performers from other companies to The Southern Illinoisan.
  • • Delegates authority to individuals or teams in the organization where objectives and decisions are most effectively accomplished.
  • • Minimizes layers of management and numbers of administrative people.