Marshall Browning Hospital’s Board of Directors and department managers recently honored Mark Maclin, attorney with 36 years of dedicated service on the hospital board.

Maclin informed the board of his retirement in August and was presented with a plaque and gift at the hospital’s annual meeting on Sept. 20.

Maclin joined the hospital board in 1980, replacing his father John Maclin who served on the board from 1947 until his death in 1980. Both men served as secretary of the board during their tenure.

Marshall Browning Hospital welcomes Andrew Croessman to the hospital board of directors. Croessman is the Finance and Budget Director and City Clerk for the city of Du Quoin. He is the son of longtime educator Barbara Croessman and John Croessman, longtime editor of the Du Quoin Evening Call newspaper. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Master of Science Degree in Economics from SIU. In addition, he has met all of the curriculum requirements for his doctorate in Economics and will soon assemble his dissertation committee.

Croessman joins directors Susan Engelhardt, Dr. Craig Furry, Brad Galli, Chuck Genesio, Richard Haines, Don Hoffman, David Searby Jr., Kathy West, and Dr. Richard Zimmerman.

— The Southern