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Chapter 7

Jacky K. Brown, 604 N. 17th St., Herrin

Jade A. Hewlett, 1305 California St., Carterville

Latisha L. Brown, 710 N. Vicksburg St., Marion

Brandon L. Parmer, 3611 Old Marion Road, Metropolis

Stacey Works, 601 N. Sixth St., Vienna

Amy M. Cochran, 275 Texas Eastern Road, Buncombe

Joel B. Stanley, 1105 Dorris Hieghts Road, Harrisburg

Melissa F. Portee, 108 S. Vicksburg St., Apt. 2., Marion

Chad A. and Catherine N. Goble, 341 W. Main St., Sparta

Dawn M. Lissimore, 101 E. Davis St., Ava

Randal D. and Heather D. Charles, 645 Trail 264 A, Jonesboro

Jon E. Brookmyer, P.O. Box 118, Royalton

Thomas G. and Michelle I. Wallace, 707 S. Victor St., Christopher

Annette M. Williams, P.O. Box 342, Energy

Kelli L. Doyle, P.O. Box 414, Anna

Craig L. Simon, 101 S. Glenview Drive, Carbondale

Shannon M. Cheers, P.O. Box 194, Marion

Leslie E. Zappa, 1187 Newport Road, Apt. 6, West Frankfort

Nicole L. Roy and Theresa A. Gross, 800 W. Oak St., Chester

Martin R. Griggs, 778 Old Johnston City Road, West Frankfort

James W. and Helen M. Wilhelm, 309 E. Eubanks St., Norris City 

Julie A. Tripp, 400 S. Royal St., Goreville

Jennifer A. Simpson, 306 Lingale Ave., Marion

Jessica M. Baker, 203 E. Illinois, Carterville

Sonya Lee Griffin, P.O. Box 222, Christopher

Shannon B. and Andrea S. Lambert, P.O. Box 13, 1265 County Road 1400 E., Geff

Deborah A. DeArmon, P.O. Box 81, Raleigh

Kenneth D. Hayes, 882 County Road 005 E., Bluford

Michael Jon and Barbara Kay Kyle, 203 S. Travelstead Lane, Carbondale

Tyler Keith and Savanna Jo Langley, 2135 Illinois 146 West, Vienna 

Charles C.J. and Kelly Sue Penny, 11 Crosby Lane, Carbondale

Patrick D. and Malinda J. Byram, 904 Summerset, Murphysboro

Harry L. Edwards, 151 Hoffman Road 34, Murphysboro

Michael K. Cox, R.R. 601, Box 107A, Rosiclare

Christopher J. Sprague, 610 Roberts St., Harrisburg

Healther Michelle Meade, 2066 Mountain Glen Road, Cobden

Karla Jean Boyster, 106 E. Page St, Sparta

Jessica M. Hauschild, 2101 Saline Ave., Eldorado

Billie Charles Panzier, 13525 N. Panzier Lane, Woodlawn

Clara Michelle Thompson, 7343 N. Illinois 148, Mount Vernon

Nicholas Paul Deterding, 200 Henry St., Prairie Du Rocher

Donald Frank Clubb, 235 Honeysuckle Lane, Vienna

Ricky A. and Verna Marie Smith, 210 N. Jones St., Cisne

Michael S. and Veronica M. Parks, P.O. Box 365, Carrier Mills

David A. Spann, 1917 College St., Mount Vernon

Winnard E. Iman, P.O. Box 1154, Murphysboro

Patricia A. Iman, P.O. Box 53, Murphysboro

Samuel L. Williams, 207 N. Studell St., Benton

Donald G. Vaughn, 12003 Fox Croft Drive, West Frankfort

Peggy S. Compton, 1025 Persimmon St., Box 191, Bellmont

Phillip D. Brauninger, 312 E. Fourth St., West Frankfort

Jimmie L. Walker Jr., 2722 Illinois 148, Marion

Shawn H. and Diane P. Swallows, 121 Illinois 146 E., Golconda

Derrick B. and Jessica Leann Richardson, 720 N. 20th St., Herrin

Chapter 13

Sanford M. Swigert, P.O. Box 36, Valier

Sue E. Swink, 309 S. Illinois St., Jonesboro

Kenneth E. Abbott Jr., 511 Kentucky St., Benton

Randy J. and Terrie L. Robertson, 2305 E. Main, West Frankfort

Mandy M. Brinker, 11 Joshua Drive, Metropolis

Carole J. Cox, 1425 Old W. Main, Apt. 6d, Carbondale

Eric E. Gregg, 15 Gregg Lane, Harrisburg

Jan Douglas Uhls Jr. and Jennifer P. Uhls, 2179 Cedar Hill Road, West Frankfort

Tod A. and Lindsey L. Childers, 165 Whippoorwill Valley Lane, Simpson 

Helen J. Willett, P.O. Box 141, Logan

Marilyn K. Serena, 1610 N. Peabody Road, Marion

James R. Eudy, 3305 U.S. 45 South, Harrisburg  

Phillip K. Steinmetz, 8043 St. Joseph Road, Benton

John Patrick Schuermann, 12 Sunset Gardens Drive, Murphysboro

James W. and Linda A. Lowe, 900 Big 4 St., Eldorado

Zachary Donald and Sara Ashley Holmes, 1604 Kiowa Drive, Marion

Patrick R. and Arminda L. Reed, 106 W. Jenkins St., Steeleville

Dennis L. and Rosemary Overturf, 2885 Cambon Lake Circle, West Frankfort

Jillian R. Edwards, P.O. Box 255, Norris City

Michael Lewis and Beverly Jane Woods, P.O. Box 544, Chester

Raymond L. and Myra G. McLane, 115 Orange St., Anna

Johnnie A. Carter, 1689 Illinois 145 N., Stonefort

Jason and Heather L. Pace, 18425 N. Stratford, Mount Vernon

Brian W. and Brandy N. Hinkle, 213 George St., Anna

Barbara J. Sells, 615 Marteeny St., Mount Vernon

Zachary Alan and Abbey Lauren Freiley, 310 S. Odle St., West Frankfort

Matthew Lee Bradford, P.O. Box 785, Metropolis

Ellen L. Lambert, P.O. Box 905, Marion

Mark E. and Sherryl L. Wells, 607 Shoreway Drive, Fairfield

Jason L. and Leslie M. L. Brown, 411 County Road 105E, Wayne City

Billy K. and Melinda R. Frailey, R.R. 5, Box 42, McLeansboro

Nathan Wayman Heape, 537 W. Park, Du Quoin

Sue Ann Heape, 631 N. Washington, Du Quoin

Larry E. and Diane L. Burroughs, 4644 Sylvia Ave., Mulkeytown

Marcey D. Smithey, P.O. Box 13, Wolf Lake

Kenneth W. and Donna J. Whisenhunt, 2490 E. Highline Road, Woodlawn

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