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Chapter 7 

Aaron Anthony Mitchell, 312 N. St. Louis St., Sparta, and Courtney Lynn Mitchell, 312 Breese St., Centralia 

Audra R. Ruphard, 2212 Upchurch St., Eldorado

Earl L. Wahl Jr., 7723 Shawneetown Trail, Ellis Grove

James T. and Ashlie D. Hughes, 1662 Carbon Lake Road, Murphysboro

Roy A. Presutti, 4891 N. Mudline Road, Pinckneyville

Adam Wayne Vaira, 205 N. Division St., Allendale

Emma Nadine Roberts, 789 Bucher Road, Mounds

Shawn C. and Lisa M. Tindall, P.O. Box 174, Willisville

Kenneth W. and Jennifer R. Graves, P.O. Box 172, Willisville

John R. Harp, 13231 Bowling Alley Road, Benton

Albert C. and April J. Burgess Jr., P.O. Box 1425, Vienna

Chasity M. Rains, 1402 E. Cleveland St., West Frankfort

Terrie Lee Nevarez-Allen, 500 S. Marshall Ave., Apt. 59, McLeansboro

Kenneth E. and Shelby K. Rushing, 409 E. Cross St, Dongola 

Leslie L. Smith, 2316 McCord St., Murphysboro

Brenda L. Warren, 302 S.W. 12th st., Fairfield

Bradley Scott Campbell, 400 N. Eighth St., Mount Vernon

Barbara A. Balow, 309 Washington St., Carterville

Christopher P. and Angelina M. Cheatham, 2301 Faith Drive, Herrin

Pamela S. Jeralds, 406 Missouri Ave., Carterville

Billy K. and Melissa A. Wheeler, 10259B N. Nagel Lane, Opkyke

Heidi L. Moonier, 301 N. John St., Steeleville

Paul W. Brazell, 109 Grove Ave., Anna

Larry Junior Wilkerson, 1876 County Road 150 N. Barnhill

Alice M. Thompson, P.O. Box 383, Herrin

Jerome C. and Sonya M. Wood, 1403 S. 34th St., Apt. 218, Mount Vernon

Betty L. Myers, 112 Douglas St., Anna

Bridget Marie Fulkerson, 3906 W. Lake Road, Pinckneyville

Joseph A. and Vickie K. Cline, 703 George St., Fairfield

Pamela G. Reed, 1208 Lincoln Drive, Marion

Charles Alan Barnett, 304 McKinley St. Karnak

Robert Eugene and DeAnna Rae Healy, 317 S. Park, Herrin

Jessica N. Sayer, 24 Steven Drive, Murphysboro

Aaron H. Murphy, 603 Kieffer Ave., Mount Carmel

Brice A. and Stephanie D. Stoffel, 2700 Mannen St., Mount Vernon

David L. and Christine M. Shirley, 916 Zion Road, Carbondale

Salvador Duran, 525 San Francisco Road, Carbondale, and Shawna Duran, 1003 N. Whitman Drive, Marion

Chapter 13

Joe L. Evans, P.O. Box 329, Ullin, and Cynthia Evans, 391 Israel St., Ullin

William L. Bailey, 531 Cedar Grove Road, Simpson

Gary D. Gibbs, 105 Coffee Road, Harrisburg

Shandra E. Spicer, 1509 W. Copeland, Apt. B, Marion

Linda R. Wright, 1827 Pulltight Ave., Carterville

Timothy R. and Joy Griffith, 13477 Ruembler Crossing, Benton

Joyce Reach, 705 W. Ninth St., Johnston City

Donald R. and Patricia A. Oakley, 1209 W. Mack Ave., Apt. 9C, Marion

Anthony M. Rinaldi, 1102A Bevabeck Drive, Marion

Gabriel M. Portee, 8170 Illinois 13 West, Carrier Mills

Melissa A. York Ladd, 5206 Sycamore Road, Carterville

Gary D. Loucks, 5714 Country Club Road, Murphysboro

Leslie I. Stoops Sr., 1681 Finney Road, Murphysboro

Matthew B. Studie, 805 A N. Monroe, Marion

Christopher Charles and Brandi Nichole Brockmeyer, 1202 Olive St., Evansville 

Terie S. Brewer, 404 W. Church, Campbell Hill

Del G. and Caroline L. Fletcher, 3632 Saraville Road, Creal Springs

Martha J. Richey, 710 S. Skelton St., West Frankfort

Carolyn Jones, 614 Elmwood Place, Apt. 614, Cairo

Jerry M. and Mary H. Parsons, 2012 Illinois Ave., Apt. 5, Murphysboro

Charles R. and Amadita Morris, 600 N. Hamlet, Marion

Joseph C. and Patricia A. Myers, 201 N. Walnut St., Sesser

Tracy E. and Barbara L. Jones, P.O. Box 785, Shawneetown

Denise Madden, 203 N. State St., Christopher

Timothy M. Reed, P.O. Box 334, Johnston City

Timothy W. and Shelly E. Whatley, 208 N. Third St., Vienna

Jason L. and Miranda D. Grant, 355 W. Vienna St., Boles

Phillip A. Wright, 1030 Bridwell Lane, Cobden

Joseph Alva and Jo Ann Siefert, P.O Box 310, Du Quoin

James C. and Deborah A. Boaz, 605 Sneed Road, Carbondale

John Jacob Copen, 23251 N. Illinois 37, Dix


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