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Southern Business: Bankruptcies

Southern Business: Bankruptcies

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Chapter 7

Lindsay Kay Willmore, 19642 Crab Orchard Road, Marion

Melissa L. Brandt, 300 S. Dean St., Royalton

Dalea Joe Castellano, 1210 E. Reeves, Apt. B, Marion

Dalea Joe Castellano, 1210 E. Reeves, Apt. D, Marion

Edward R. and Mary E. Stoltz, 21003 E. 700th Road, Mount Carmel

Patricia Ann Ankebrand, 309 W. First, Mount Carmel

Benjamin A. Brown, P.O. Box 792, Harrisburg

Carrie Mae Knight, 3004 Old Marion Road, Metropolis

Melissa Lynn Rule, 106 N. Mannering, Royalton

Melvin L. and Christina M. Clark Sr., 613 U.S. Highway 45, Fairfield

Natalie Ann Whitlow, 405 S. Walnut, Wayne City

Garett Ray Blankenship, 420 N. 14th St., Murphysboro

Matthew W. Taylor, 2710 Mannen St., Mount Vernon

James Allan and Devona Kaye Patton, 1609 S. 22nd, Apt. 2, Herrin

Steven Christopher Walker, 1010 N. Monroe St., Marion

Tabitha Ray Revelo, 4300 Rose Lane, Apt. 3, Mount Vernon

Jeffrey J. and Jessica L. Ragland Jr., 2460 Illinois Highway 154, Sesser

Harold Richard and Maria Mae Cloud, 701 E. Boulevard, Marion

Michael R. and Sharon L. Klingeman, 207 W. Third St., Sparta 

Masasha Marie Boyd, 2520 New Era Road, No. 93, Murphysboro

Jamonte L. Allison Jr., 1038 N. Robert A. Stalls, Carbondale

Kimberly Ann Nichols, 1306 W. Robinson, Harrisburg

F. Nicole Graham, 1221 E. Harvest Road, Centralia

Donna K. Gaines, P.O. Box 645, Cairo

Douglas M. and Sharon S. Long, 440 America Road, Villa Ridge

Richard M. Day, 820 W. Mill, Apt. 106-B

Brandi S. Hill, 1102 S. Pemberton Drive, Marion

Carol E. Bube, 11 E. Crownview, Mount Vernon

James R. and Dena A. Mick, 1193 County Road 1025 N, Carmi

Gerald W. Dorsey, 325 N. Division, Du Quoin

Jacob R. and Ann Marie Perkins, 512 S. Russel St., Marion

Toni Marie Davis, 7465 Illinois 37 S, Cypress

Francine Linda Stephens, 715 E. 12th St. No. 41, Metropolis

Clatrice O.R. Oliver, 100 Wells St., Apt. 23B, Murphysboro

Donald C. Hawthorne, 4119 N. Reed Station Road, De Soto

Andrea L. and Jason L. Lindsey, 17395 N. U.S. Highway 51, De Soto

Linda M. Scheidler, 1107 E. Carter St, Apt. B, Marion

Charles Bruce and Patricia L. Walker, P.O. Box 3432, Paducah, Kentucky

Susan Rechele Jones, 16 Henry Road, Metropolis

Shirley A. Stroud, 925 E. Park St., Du Quoin

Annette F. and Charles L. Crow, 404 N. Locust St., McLeansboro

Michael Scott Brown and Diana Lynn Riggs, 1000 Chestnut, Johnston City

Shirley A. Morrison, 3476 Boskydell Road, Carbondale

Yvonne Kathleen vanMatre, 8 County Road 1750 North, Xenia

Donna K. Bennett, 55 Ranch Road, Carbondale

Joshua Mark and Taryn Spencer Gerow, 203 S. Douglas St., West Frankfort

Billy Joe Lynn, 11005 Illinois 14, McLeansboro

Colin James Williams, 310 S. Carbon St., Marion

Cassandra L. Gunderson, 163 Parkwood Road, Carbondale

Britiney Marie McMillen, 3283 McNeil Road, Creal Springs

Cullen J. Bond, 307 S. Washington St., McLeansboro

Toni R. Blaine, 1131 County Road 1870 E, Fairfield

Roberta C. Schnepper, 1153 County Road 2300 N., Rinard

Abby Lyn Asher, 1913 Division St., Apt. A., Murphysboro

Heather Renae Wayer, 8150 U.S. Highway 51, Tamaroa

Melanie A. Halliday, P.O. Box 64, Makanda

Nicole D. Brokering, 205 E. Water St., Pinckneyville

Julitta L. Hedirck, 714 Hederson St., Browns

Billie C. Fletcher, 14904 N. Paul Lane, Bluford

Brandie Marie Garrison, 119 Vera St., Carterville

Christina Lee Edgington, 10033 Old Bainbridge Trail, Marion

Julie Jo Russell, 112 Bonifield Lane, Metropolis

Jerry G. Leonard Jr. and Melissa R. Bowen, 3751 District 204 Road, Pinckneyville

Tyler Don and Hayli Nikole Lampley, 30 Lewis St., Benton

David S. Barnett, 804 Fairland, Benton

Garry Dale and Katherine Ann Williams, 1908 Calico Road, Marion

Linda Faye Sanders, 307 S. Du Quoin, Benton

Chapter 13

Shawn Dwayne and Kimberly June Cox, 16759 Freeman Spur Road, Herrin

Tonya Danine Kenner, P.O. Box 3743, Carbondale

Brandon Heath Shands, 16534 N. Drivers Lane, Woodlawn

Gloria Michelle Showmaker, 2550 Butter Ridge Road, Ullin

Sharla J. Herring, 8603 Payneville St., Herrin

Estelle V. Bellamy, 1925 Carla Lane, Lot 87, Marion

Steven M. Burgess, 22592 West St., Olive Branch

Kevin D. and Katina S. Collins, 111 Karen Ann Lane, Carrier Mills

Novel Rhonda Reuter, 810 S. Buhrman St., Nashville

Yancy L. and Linsa S. Beers, 1101 Follis Ave., Johnston City

Roger C. Graham, 1221 E. Harvest Road, Centralia

Billy Gean and Judith Lynn Weddle, 315 Rowatt St., Carterville

Bruce A. Baker, 884 Spring Drive, Murphysboro

Brian L. and Shawna R. Owings, 929 E. Franklin St., Du Quoin

Jamie S. W. Hertter, 2005 W. Woodriver Drive, Unit A, Carbondale

Charles Franklin Sloan, 707 E. Eighth, West Frankfort

Jacob Wayne Cockrum, 12698 Honeysuckle Hill Lane Apt. A, Marion

Larry Wayne Carson, 6064 Illinois 154, Pinckneyville

James R. Rendleman Jr., 198 Reese Lane, Murphysboro

Shelly L. Huggins, 812 N. 16th St., Herrin

Randall V. and Rhiannon M. Shirley, 29934 Old Cape Road, McClure

Jonathan William Brown, 2103 Old E. Main, Marion

Arthur Eugene Baldwin, 410 E. Locust St., Harrisburg

Dale C. Dudley, 2647 N. Alta Lane, Bonnie

Norman Duane Burley, 1117 E. Ash, Herrin

Terry Joe and Crystal Marie Boner, 209 Smith St., Herrin

Charles F. and Kelli L. Parino, 4051 River Road, Royalton


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