Chapter 7

Sharry D. Bos, 1303 E. Oak St., West Frankfort

Angela Jo Dasher, 2204 Darren Drive, Marion

Cheryl Regina Whitledge, 5128 State Route 13, Lot 7, Pinckneyville

Monica J. Loftis, 800 S. tird St., Apt. 2, Herrin

Thomas R. and Penny S. May, 29060 Bean Ridge Road, Thebes

 Michael D. Lindsey, P.O. Box 5, Gorham

Katee L. Zinzer, P.O. Box 66, Carterville

Luke Allen Munsell, 1305 W. Herrin, Herrin

Courtney Ann Hayes, 521 S. 24th St., Mount Vernon

Kody Michael Henson, 700 S. Cross St., Crossville

Stephanie R. Reid Noe, 105 N. Prairie St., P.O. Box 441, West Salem

John Anthony Morris, 1109 Wescott, Mount Vernon

Jeremy Todd Gates, 703 e. Parham, Marion

Renae L. rosol, P.O. Box 106, Irvington

Dixie J. Holland, P.O. Box 173, Galatia

Mollie Lynn Sivok, P.O. Box 41, Broughton

Michael Eugene and Melba Gene Crabtree, 1216 N. Oak, Du Quoin

Jonathan Lee and Jessica Nichole Feazel, 204 W. Washington St., Carrier Mills

Jared Travis Armstrong, 25815 Rock Springs Hollow Road, Thebes

James D. Humphrey, 621 S. 11th, Herrin

Nicholas Reid and Rachel Jane Alexander, 502 S. Bentley, Marion

Doris A. Bess, 5 N. Shawnee Drive, Apt. 400, Murphysboro

Linda K. Moreland, 2025 Hortense St., Murphysboro

Kevin J. Stamp, 707 Illinois Ave., Murphysboro

Brittany L. Garrett, 826 Main St., Mound City

Gary A. Veteto, 401 E. Lindell St, West Frankfort

Katlyn M. Perkins, 1108 N. Ninth St., Herrin

Octavia Smith, 416 25th St., Cairo

Kelsey N. Lowe, 219 33rd St., Cairo

Sandra K. Dennis, 912 Ellis Drive, Apt. 3A

Rickey E. and Wilma J. Pierson, 602 Studell Ave., Benton

Quentin Eli Keelin, 406 W. Mulberry St., Pinckneyville

Amanda J. Brumley, 5640 State Route 146 E, Vienna

James c. Shelton, 5319 Ford Road, Thompsonville

Ellen Y. Hobbs, 28 N. Line St., Du Quoin

Todd Alan and Heather Dawn Carns, 406 E. Chester St., Pinckneyville

Molly M. Book, 907 E. Summers St., West Frankfort

Megan R. Angle, 900 Central Ave., Cisne

Brandi Leigh Rushing, P.O. Box 192, Shawneetown

Ethan J. thompson, 204 W. Clay St., Herrin

Nicholas C. and Rachel M. Knapp, 103 Lily Lane, Woodlawn

Travis J. and Keisha L. Cambron, 231 S. Court St., Lot 25, Benton

Christopher Paul Ward, 820 W. Lindell St., West Frankfort

James Raymond Penson, 419 N. Maple, Du Quoin

Jaelynn N. Wallace, 606 s. Marshall Ave., Apt. 55, McLeansboro

Vicktoria M. Hatley, 105 W. College St., Sparta

Heather Dawn Horton, 1485 Dewey Road, Eldorado

Brandy Michelle Merkel, 4935 Crossbill Road, Tamaroa

Micheal C. and Frankie R. Curtis, 1900 City Road 1950 E, Crossville

Joshua C. Brennan, P.O. Box 75, Hurst

Curtis E. Mitchell, 1605 Venable Lane, Carterville

Preston J. Blake, 303 W. Lindell St., West Frankfort

Valerie S. Blake, P.O. Box 68, Valier

William Griffin Seeger, 902 Fairlane Drive, Marion

Stacie Dawn Crawford, 403 E. Ninth St., Johnston City

Jamie R. Holt, 506 S. Douglas, Pinckneyville

Corey D. Anderer, 3565 Rocky Branch Road, Metropolis

Scott D. and Brittney M. Mitchell, 107 E. Chicago, Orient

Tonya L. Royer, 34 Boyer Road, Murphysboro

Jeffery Paul Boan, 11630 Grassy Road, Marion

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Omega S. Salley, P.O. Box 15, Ullin

Ashley N. Duty, 5287 Country Club road, Lot 8

Paula Sue Ford, 250 S. Oak Circle, Bonnie

Trevor Leon Calvin Lingle, 90 S. Walnut Grove road, New Burnside

Shushya H. Salley, P.O. Box 189, Ullin

Samantha E. Rhoades, 809 Linden Drive, Mount Vernon

Tangela Y. Oliver, P.O. Box 1034, Murphysboro

Ashley D. Waller, 525 E. Monroe St., Du Quoin

Ronald Dean and Reba Lorraine McCulley, 303 E. Secton Line Road, Wayne City

Elizabeth Ann Nall, 1806 E. Charles St., West Frankfort

Mildred L. Mills, 935 Turner Road, Creal Springs

Jo E. Carman, 616 E. Washington St., Karnak

Lorie A. Clanahan, 222 S. Fifth St., Mound City

Dustyn S. L. and Gabrielle L. Bowman, 310 N. Mary St., Sesser

Daniel Ryne Churchill, P.O. Box 3, Mount Erie

Kevin F. Downen, 802 W. Delaware, Fairfield

Kambria N. Baker, 1441 W. 10th St., Apt. 204, Metropolis

Kole J. Strothmann and Jodi E. Karcher, 811 Buffalo Lane, Mount Vernon

Kevin D. Porter, 6429 Beaucoup Road, Ava

Valerie M. Porter, 2578 Orchard Road, Sesser

Michael E. and Jennifer M. Winterberg, P.O. Box 122, Willisville

Crystal Lynn Little, 60 Grand Chain Road, Grand Chain

George C. and Donna J. Walczak, 21 Stone Church Road, Elizabethtown 

Crissy Marie Holman, 1403 N. Main St., Benton

Leah D. Stone, P.O. Box 281, Marion

Stephen Wayne Gosney, 714 Franklin Ave., West Frankfort

Michael D. and Galina E. Graham, 7327 Unionville Road, Brookport

Monica M. Adams, 408 SE Seventh St., Fairfield

Ryan T. and Tamara L. Jackson, 504 E. North St., Bluford

David T. McGarvey Sr., 221 E. South St., Grayville

Christopher B. and Kimberly D. Richardson, 3214 Blackberry, Mount Vernon  

Chapter 13

Charles Monroe Wood III and Kendra Erin Wood, 1710 Fells Drive, Marion

Matthew Adam and Stephanie Renne Cooper, 102 E. Charles, West Frankfort

David A. and Ashley L. Ramsey, 7443 Grammer Hill Road, Benton

John Wayne Guetterman, 2606 Holbrook Ave., Cairo

Steve W. Manning, 305 S. Burns Ave., Sparta

William T. and Opal D. Konemann, 6145 Orchard Road, Metropolis

Gina Michelle Stokes, 6 Fairview Ave., Anna

Kelly J. Wiggins, 211 S. Peach, Du Quoin

Kevin W. Mezo, 616 Springdale Road, Murphysboro

Mary Evalina Craig, P.O. Box 146, Vergennes

Odell Williams Jr., P.O. Box 958, Carrier Mills

Jessica N. Sayer, 895 E. Autumn Ridge Road, Carbondale

Angela D. James, 1512 W. Monroe St., Herrin

Katrina Marie Gallops, 17327 Freeman Spur Road, Herrin

Barbara Jean herin, 716 N. 18th St., Herrin

Bobbie Sue Overturf, 22458 Carlyle Road, Thompsonville

James B. and Karen S. Moore, 1204 N. Jefferson Ave., Johnston City

Robert E. and Sandra K. Congiardo, 301 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Carterville

Bradford B. Thackrey, P.O. Box 668, Mount Vernon

Tracey Lynette Locke, P.O. Box 3024, Carbondale

Ronald Joe and Rita Kay Hurley, 12245 McClain Road, Equality

Jennifer D. Melvin, 306 E. North, Du Quoin

Michael E. Collins, 119 Collinwood Lane, Elkville

Richard A. and Regina R. Gomez, 1915 County Road 520 N, Fairfield

Thomas James Martin, 3003 W. Sunset Drive, Apt. 4, Carbondale

Alan J. Samples, 605 S. Bentley, Marion

Kimberly A. McGarvey, 737 Mulberry St., Browns

Brent N. and Shea Leigh Beaupre, 2707 E. Grand Road, Woodlawn   

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