Chapter 7

Jeremy Justin Neu, 603 S. Pine St., Zeigler

Jonathan B. and Alysa A. Walker, 214 N. Fulton St., Sparta

James E. and Debra A. Stone, 2004 N. 13th, Herrin

Jacob M.L. Freeman, 19426 Friendsville, Mount Carmel

Steven Lee and Victoria Louise Martin, 900 E. Reeves, Marion

Ronnie Ray and Jennifer Lynn Hackney Jr., 18960 E. Fairfield Road, Mount Vernon

Erin M. Scott, 108 E. Fourth St., West Frankfort

Terah K. Trusty, 116 Baggot, Zeigler

Sheila Clay, 26 Oak Valley Road, Carbondale

Kathleen K. Fortmeyer, P.O. Box 323, Irvington

Jessica N. Runyon, 1204 N. Garfield St., Apt. D, Marion

Darren L. Winters, R.R. 2 175A, Elizabethtown

Shane D. Ellis, 607 Fairland, Benton

Emily D. Hefner, 213 N. Victor, Christopher

Robert L. Norman, 907 James St., Carterville

Norma Janey Runyon, 3682 Kendale Acres Road, Tamaroa

Daniel A. and Toni L. DeForest, P.O. Box 31, Ina

Curtis L. Tow, P.O. Box 131, Vergennes

Melissa Beth Kucyk, 2025 Evergreen Terrrace Drive, Apt. 3, Carbondale

Michael R. Taylor, 7237 Apple Lane, Carbondale

Dale J. Alleman, 3204 Corsair Drive, Herrin

Doris June Hutson, 500 E. Matthew, Sesser

Ronald G. and Brenda K. Lam, 5 Jill Lane, Goreville

Dana A. McKinney, 423 E. Jefferson St., Lot 52, Anna

Beth Ann and Kevin Howard Erb, 1768 Belgrade Road, Metropolis

Tara Mattie Viola Thompson, 200 S. Emerald Lane, Carbondale

Tristan B. Conroy, P.O. Box 673, Herrin

Bernadette L. Collier, 2104 Herbert St., Murphysboro

Bryan M. Jackalyn M. Cravens, 1453 Ridge Road, Pulaski

Richard K. Vaughn, 117 S. Shaw St., Harrisburg

Robert E. Karnes, P.O. Box 451, Galatia

Terry L. and Lucille K. Allen, 1177 County Road, 700 East, Carmi

Mark J. and Lynette R. Ellner, 317 C. Ave., Prairie Du Rocher

Virgil William and Jennifer Lynn Butler, 1235 Hwy 145 S, Harrisburg

Jeremy A. Lafferty, 37621 Grapevine, Trail, McClure

Garrett L. Howell, 3801 S. Watertower Place, Apt. 219, Mount Vernon

James B. and Traci E. Reynolds, 105 S. Illinois Ave., Du Quoin 

Kim L. Ross, 9527 Dykersburg Road, Marion

Kenneth F. and Devonda C. Taylor, 2020 Casey Ave., Mount Vernon

Angela K. Hasty, 211 W. 12th, Johnston City

Marci J. Skelcher, 104 S. Ferne Clyffe Road, Goreville

Richard Jay and Crystal M. Cratch, 79 Park Estates, Sparta

Michelle R. Lee, 704 G. Country Village Drive, Anna

Michelle Leigh Musgrave, 3 Parker Court, Fairfield

Katie Beth Ledbetter, 526 Junction Fall Road, Creal Springs

Marcus Wayne and Courtney Nicole Garner, 1855 Pumpkin Lane, West Frankfort

Carla S. Atkinson, 816 N. 11th St., Murphysboro

Charles A. and Thelma Ann Kotter, 317 Butler St., Metropolis

Ethan T. Stallings, 1211 Bevabeck, Marion 

Sharice Camille Vann, 111 S. Hewitt, Carbondale

Ashley D. Gallatin, 500 W. Simmons St., Apt. C, Mairon

Judy M. McVaigh, 2652 County Road, 1680 North, Mount Erie

Nancy Muriel Tillman, 919 County Raod, 540 N., Norris City

Robert G. and Cheryl D. Wick, 408 W. Main St., Crossville

James R. Newman III and Lisa K. Newman, 115 Boles St., Buncombe

Kyle E. Henson, 592 E. Monroe St., Du Quoin

Dakota G. and Brittany N. Roberts, 4255 Rose of Sharon, Galatia

Francis May Edwards, P.O. Box 615, Carrier Mills

Rodney and Megan A. Tucker, 1305 N. Seventh, Herrin

Faye A. Mailligan, 910 County Road, 1240 N. Carmi

Alan D. and Donna K. Colle, 247 N. Third St., Nason

Christian A. and Macey L. Ellis, 905 Ellis Drive, Mount Vernon 

Mark J. and Deborah K. Wallace, P.O.Box 234, Rosiclare

Tyler R. Wallace, 3414 State Highway 148, Mulkeytown

Eric E. Gregg, 15 Gregg Lane, Harrisburg

Chapter 13

Timothy Lee and Lisa L. Gleghorn, 103 S. Spillertown Road, Marion

Jesse J. McClanahan, P.O. Box 405, Du Quoin

Joseph P. Mileur, P.O. 672, Murphysboro

Jamie M. Gilliam, 19 N. Illinois, Du Quoin

John D. and Julie M. Ullman, 117 W. Bond, Benton

Irene L. Powe, 723 Maple St., Murphysboro

Earl G. and Pamela S. Freund, 1162 Water Plant Road, Murphysboro

Todd E. and Tena M. DePauw, 1110 Davis Ave., Johnston City

 Brian L. and Karla A. Elms, 7551 Dufrenne Lane, Prairie Du Rocher 

Steven R. and Amy S. Siefert, 17715 Garrett Road, Johnston City

Kyle G. Schwartz Sr., 512 E. Church, Harrisburg

Hope M. Warren, 14871 Tower Road, Richview

Jeffery Neal Welch, 766 Repe Ridge Road, Metropolis

Charles Frank Siefert Jr., 332 E. Olive, Du Quoin

David M. Buckner, P.O. Box 21, Johnston City

John B. and Heather Jo Tasky, 504 S. Sunnyslope St., West Frankfort

Richard T. Keina C. Beasley, 2559 Orient Road, West Frankfort

Jeremy and Aimee Pickett, 4026 U.S. Highway 51, Mounds

Nellie M. Poe, 202 Burlison St., Buckner

Andrea L. Linsley, 2780 Gordon Lane, West Frankfort

Adam Ray Poston, 12858 N. Blackhawk Lane, Mount Vernon

Ruth E. Verbal, 901 Roberta Drive, Murphysboro

Lamoin and Rhonda M. Smith, 410 E. Jefferson, Sparta

Stephen W. and Kristi L. Fred, 814 N. Pope St., Du Quoin

John C. and Lisa A. Prather, 871 County Road, 550 North, Norris City 

Harry J. and Nancy L. Giffin, 2468 Business Highway 13, Murphysboro

Jalisha Cathering Sueing, 430 14th St., Cairo

Sharon S. Dillon, 802 E. Karsten St., Steeleville

Rebecca R. McPherson, 408 S. Douglas St., West Frankfort

Curtis Lamont and Mary Denise Smith, 1918 Richview Road, Mount Vernon

Julia Marie Steinmetz, 3041 Reed Station Road, De Soto

Ted W. and Sheilia K. Martin, 14871 No. 9 Blacktop, West Frankfort

Robyn R. Smith, 1302 W. End St., Apt. 3, Marion

Michael P. Lampe, 2707 North St., Mount Vernon

Kendra K. Baker, 201 N. Dewey St., Pittsburg

Elizabeth J. Woodsides, 312 W. North St., Du Quoin

Larry C. Powell, 808 Buffalo Lane, Mount Vernon

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