Chapter 7

Shawn H. Knupp, 620 Tunnel Lane, Anna

Robert Timothy Robinson Jr., 207 N. Seventh St., Benton

Michael D. Miskelley, P.O. Box 37, Pittsburg

Angela R. Lockard, 818 N. Cherry St., Mount Carmel

Ryan Christopher St. Hillaire, P.O. Box 129, Thompsonville

Michael J. Hogan, P.O. Box 268, Cobden

Jeffrey R. Parks, 272 Trammel, Carrier Mills

Mark S. Gilula, 509 W. Sixth St., Benton

Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, Inc. NFP, 202 E. North St., Grayville

William J. Hand, 302 E. Main, Karnak

Jeremiah W. Weiland, 46 Butler St., Eldorado

John F. and Thelma Flora, 607 W. Idaho Ave., Carterville 

Anthony E. Roach, 607 W. Idaho, Carterville

Tyler A. Oslay, 245 Oakgrove Lane, Vienna

Montica Sue Taylor, 201 S. Olive St., Carterville

Kimberly A. Sprague, 609 N. 35th, Herrin

Zachary T. Short, 2105 Boyd Road, Anna

Kelly L. Harris, 306 S. Snider St., Christopher

Lorissa L. Acosta, 708 E. 15th St., Mulkeytown

James E. Ford, 1103 Public Square, P.O. Box 272, Benton

Paula J. Barrale, P.O. Box 143, Coulterville

Joel A. Thorson, P.O. Box 24, Hoyleton

Brian L. and Kiley Jo Adams, 22100 Gould Road, Omaha

Ronald Ramos, 506 Taylor St., P.O. Box 92, Energy

Jeffrey Wayne Oestreicher, 4189 Valier Carpet Road, Tamaroa

Jeffery E. and April Kathleen Giroux, 111 N. Wilson St., Hurst

Barbara J. and William A. Melvin, 2444 Cedar Hill Road, West Frankfort

Ashley Gwen Roberts, 18144 Old Frankfort Road, West Frankfort

Paula J. Rice, 19152 Bailey St., Marion

Nicole A. Penninger, 409 Jesse, Herrin

Rachel B. Roth, 476 San Francisco Road, Carbondale

Rhonda J. Pearcy, 810 George St., Brookport

Kelly A. Raymond, 309 W. Broadway Blvd., Johnston City

Marvin D. Napier, 607 W. Eighth, West Frankfort

Michelle A. Etherton, 208 Scranton Ave., Pittsburg

Joyce A. Piper, 1510 N. State, Marion

Mitchell D. Hilary N. McClellan, 5 Hickory Lane, Metropolis

Anita L. and Ricky W. Skobel, P.O. Box 385, Elkville

Jodan M. Leamen, 14811 Old Frankfort Road, Marion

Elijah H.S. Burton, 109 Timber Trail, Carterville

Brian S. Daugherty, 721 Anderson St., Carterville

Barbara J. Oliver, 21 E. Rose St., Harrisburg

Amanda L. Adams, 108 Halia Crest, Mount Vernon

William J. Candice R. Basenberg, 16527 Brussels St., West Frankfort

Mariah L. Jackson, 411 W. Broadway St., Sparta

Jackie G. Wright, 222 N. Murphy St., Ridgway

Lindsey N. Gore, 512 S. Main St., Anna

Marvin E. Brewer, 81 Paper Lane, Apt. 18, Murphysboro

Sarah E. Vannoy, 125 Stable Drive, Carterville

Tracy L. Bonsack, 109 W. Capital, Apt. C, Benton

William A. and Heather E. Guinn, P.O. Box 369, Crossville  

Betty L. Ticer, 508 N. 30th St., Herrin

Gloria J. Grimes, P.O. Box 415, West Frankfort

Linda K. Joiner, P.O. Box 185, Colp

Paul G. and Sophrona L. Benham, 122 W. Sycamore St., Grayville

Cynthia L. Oliver, 119 Center St., Anna

Carmen Iris Morales, 718 S. 23rd St., Mount Vernon

Karen S. Hines, 412 E. Webster St., Benton

Sara R. Bond, 1302 Collins Lane, Marion

Michael L. Whalen, P.O. Box 513, De Soto

Jordan P. Fowler, P.O. Box 44, Rosiclare

Jason G. and Julie D. Ohley, 2706 Caroline St., Mount Vernon

Donald K. Shewmake, 907 E. Briarwood Court, Nashville

Kyle D. and Jamie R. Hoffman, 1128 Parrish St., Mount Carmel            

Chapter 13

Debra L. Mezel, 854 S. Kaskaskia St., Nashville

Randy J. and Nichole M. Dunning, 20251 Ranch Lane, Marion 

Bridgett L. and Adi Haryono, 709 W. Cherry, Herrin

Adam Wayne and Tonia Kay Sherwood, 290 tollgate Road, Anna

Carolyn M. Winget, P.O. Box 587, Hurst

Lauren L. Kribley, 2019 Brownsville Road, Mount Vernon

Byron Thomas and Keely Arden Stephens, 6900 Illinois 145 S, Harrisburg

James Henry and Dixie Jean McGill, 529 N.W. Sixth St., Fairfield

Laura J. Loos, 309 E. Laurel St., Pinckneyville

Laurel N. Hammel, 221 S. Howell St., Du Quoin

Edward Alan Crawford Jr., 12576 N. Markham Lane, Bluford

Rebecca A. Sinclair, P.O. Box 91, Gorham

Robin H. Marcy, P.O. Box 573, Murphysboro

Walter F. and Debbie R. Vickers Jr., 802 S. Hadfield St., Marion

Michael V. Leckron, 116 Southwest Drive, Harrisburg

Larry G. and Joyce A. Schleifer, 223 Kaskaskia Drive, Red Bud

Harold W. and Teresa N. Messamore, 1616 E. Stotlar, Herrin

Deborah A. Adams, 315 Locust St., Apt. 1, Red Bud

Patsy J. Reeves, 5 S.W. Crescent Drive, Mount Vernon

Tamara L. Wilson, 5845 S. Fork Road, Prairie du Rocher

Serina Lane, 817 W. Collins St., Goreville

Rebecca M. Eddleman, 416 Springfield Ave., Anna

Clu Allen and Shelly Jo Castros Castros, 718 W. Sloan St., Harrisburg

Rachel A. Stewart, 401 Lewis St., Vienna

Vistoria A. Lang, 16178 Lake of Egypt Road, Creal Springs

Sharice Camille Vann, 111 S. Hewitt, Carbondale

Charles A. Shaw, 404 S. Marshall St., Benton

Gregory P. and Terri A. Jacobs, P.O. Box 371, Murphysboro

John D. Wheeler, P.O. Box 152, Cisne

Shawn E. Mays, 68 S. Main St., Hoyleton

Brandon Tyler Irwin, 602 N. Main St., Wayne City   

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