Chapter 7

David W. and Sarah E. Brown, 2460 S. Lick Creek Road, Buncombe 

Heath D. and Tracy B. Laughard, 602 Barr St., Carterville

Stephen S. and Alysha N. Walker, 409 W. Fifth St., Benton

Madlyne R. Jordan, 1311 Wescott St., Mount Vernon

Sheila M. Williams, 1003 Monroe St., Apt. B, West Frankfort

Patrick E. and Patricia A. Helms, 206 W. Madison, Sparta

Donald W. and Patricia K. Hutchison, 611 Third St., Carmi

Kyle R. McCann, 1203 W. White, Marion

Rodney G. and Sherri M. Teffertiller, 313 W. Third, Johnston City

Nannette N. Evans, 3013 S. Park Ave., Herrin

Dennis Ray and Nina Joy Dunn, 1605A County Road 950 North, Fairfield 

Brandon M. and Samantha E. Walker, 809 W. Harrison, Herrin

Shealene N. Ellison, 200 Commerce St., Apt. 8, Carmi

william Elmer Williamson, 183 E. Hamletsburg Road, Brookport

Jessica N. Lingafelter, 1820 Club Road, Carterville

Douglas J. Glass, 160 Boles St., Buncombe

Eric Ray Acree, 203 S. Liberty, Marion

Mila G. Dagul, 42 Orchard Drive, Herrin

Jeffrey Walter Dinga, 1005 Cheryl Drive, Carterville

Diane L. Regan, P.O. Box 3601, Carbondale

Robert K. and Amy R. Pearce, P.O. Box 135, Eldorado

Clinton P. and Andrea R. Rigsby, 333 N. Fly Ave., Goreville

Michelle A. and Greggory A. Moore, 3230 St., Illinois 127 N, Cobden

David Michael Pazmino, 1200 E. Grand Ave., Apt. 22-1B, Carbondale

Timothy S. Clutter, 115 George St., Anna

Rick R. Miller, 14094 Beggs Lane, Ullin

Ashley Jay Pierce, 817 S. 25th St., Mount Vernon

LaDonna Sue Sloan, P.O. Box 144, Johnston City

Alfred A. and Sharona M. Handal, 203 Cook Ave., Jonesboro

Nick N. Nalley, 8358 Campbell's Corner Road, McLeansboro

Billie J. Doogan, 207 S. Sycamore St., McLeansboro

Michael R. Gash, 66 Center Lane, Elkville

Scott W. and Heather R. Mitchell, 1009 Maple St., Benton

Helen Elizabeth Roade, 109 W. 21st St., Metropolis 

Catherine J. Rich, 412 N. Parkhill St., West Frankfort

Charles V. Elliott, 800 W. Mill St., Apt. 601A, Carbondale

William J. Moll, 4155 Valier Carpet Road, Tamaroa

Crystal D. McManus, 1514 W. Taylor Drive, Carbondale

Kelly N. Hyder, P.O. Box 474, Cisne

Melody May Collins, 19 Lusk Camp Drive, Golconda

Sheila F. Towers, 903 Biby St., Christopher

Lucas James and Dawn Yvette Olson, 22 Suburban Drive, Murphysboro

Debra L. Pas., 1100 S. 25th St., Mount Vernon

Timothy Edward Morthland, 11057 Country Club Road, West Frankfort

Donna M. Mitchell Foy, 1301 S. Holland, Harrisburg

William E. and Juanita J. Whitlock, 1707 W. Chestnut, Marion

Dalton Andrew Kane, 21 SW Crescent Drive, Mount Vernon

Charles R. and Sheila Sue Branham, 1839 County Road 725 E., Cisne

Charline S. Jordan, 1001 Mulberry, Mount Carmel

Lori Anne Cannell, 409 W. Locust St., Harrisburg

Michael Edward Wilson, 3920 State Route 155, Prairie Du Rocher

Kristy Faye Parkinson, 30 Kaid Road, Eldorado

Daniel L. Guy, P.O. Box 341, Irvington

Victor Robert Ziblis, 207 N. Bentley St., Apt. E, Marion

Lorie A. Fischer, P.O. Box 131, Cambria

Janet D. Stevens, 831 Young Court, Carterville

Brett M. Stewart, 1140 W. Webster, Benton

Susan M. Roberson, 715 Burkitt, Benton

Michael A. Upton, 1413 E. Main St., West Frankfort

Larry C. Larson, 810 W. Prairie, Marion

Eric L. Russell, 1213 E. Elm St., West Frankfort

Jordan Rhea Murphy, 14438 Harmony Church Road, West Frankfort

David Russell and Sandra Michelle Coomer, 1881 So. Road 1065 N., Fairfield 

Lowell John and Ann Marie Gaston, 416 N. Sixth st., Mount Vernon

Luciana Lee Potter, 1211 S. Vevabeck Drive, Marion

Christopher Jay Hagler, 102 W. Poplar, West Frankfort     

Chapter 13

Claude E. and Dorothy L. Knapp, 1040 County Road 5, Rockwood

Timothy G. Hall, 2274 S. Thompsonville Road, Thompsonville

Larry D. Hale II and Dia J. Rodely, 860 Old Du Quoin Road, Du Quoin

Carla D. Henry, P.O. Box 103, Carbondale

Kamille V. Guthery, P.O. Box 3433, Carbondale

John L. and Jennifer L. Gipson, 1202 Putnam St., Benton

Royce J. Wilson, 528 S. 17th St., Mount Vernon

Crystal D. Kuhn, 362 N. Fifth St., Albion

Philip C. and Deborah J. Almueti, 918 Whitecotton Drive, Carterville

Joseph T. FitzSimmons, 1275 Carr Road, Vienna

Timothy Alan and Larraine Gayle Wilson, 16730 County Road 300N, Broughton

Scott R. and Sharon L. Ellis, 316 N. Ninth, Herrin

Haley B. Bell, 306 Cook Ave., Jonesboro

Timothy S. and Jennifer M. Bishop, 1187 McElvain Road, Murphysboro

David S. and Roseanne N. Henderson, 620 E. 10th St., Metropolis

John W. and Heather R. Herzig, 88 N. Center St., Hoyleton 

Kelli S. Watson, 527 NW Sixth St., Fairfield

Tracey Locke, 703 S. Murrie Drive, Carbondale

Mary C. Delarosa, 610 Sixth St., Carmi

Robert Keith and Jennifer B. Oliver, 505 W. Fourth St., Bluford  

Cara L. Beauchamp, 5622 Artic Fox Drive, Carterville

Valerie Shree Denson, P.O. Box 137, Mound City

Jefffrey E. and Tamy Holland Manning, 204 W. Ferguson St., Galatia 

Jacob Randall Perkins, 512 S. Russell St., Marion

Roger D. Brazell, P.O. Box 322, Rosiclare

Kimberly J. Boles, 1306 Noah Ave., Johnston City

Misti L. Price, 517 Soloman St., Chester

Barbara J. Oney, 202 W. South St., Pinckneyville

Robert D. and Scharley A. Price, 212 Franklin St., Unit A., Galatia

Angela D. Wright, 228 Burns Ave., Mount Vernon

Cleve Royal and Angela C. Ellis, 17212 N. Idlewood Lane, Mount Vernon

Jeremy J. and Holly L. Neu, 114 S. Sixth St., Elkville

Christina K. Hutcheson, 2318 N. Main St., Eldorado

Kevin R. Conkle, RR 1 Box 125A, Elizabethtown

Robert Brian and Karen M. Pinson, 14045 St. Hwy. 34, Benton

Larry Francis Uselton, 245 W. Meadowbrook Drive, Shawneetown

Derrick M. and Brandi L. Reed, 8978 State Hwy. 149, West Frankfort

Christopher J. and Dolores A. Ryterski, 20482 DuBois Blacktop Road, Nashville

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