Southern Business Journal: Bankruptcies

Southern Business Journal: Bankruptcies

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Chapter 7

John N. Garner, 1709 S. Odle, West Frankfort

Elizabeth A. Elliott, 1509 W. Walnut, Herrin

Johnny W. Hetterscheidt, P.O. Box 12, Junction

Tabatha J. and Jacob G. Crain, 401 S. First St., Marion

Zachary D. and Destanie F. Taylor, 509 S. 26th St., Herrin

Steve W. and Gayla M. Peavey, 12389 S. County Line Road, West Frankfort

Ava M. Jones, 61 Eaves Lane, Makanda

Christian Jesse Gwyn, 101 Mulberry Street, Cisne

Gabriel G. Mead and Sarah E. B. Short, 2295 Body Barn Road, Anna

Jesse W. Quertermous, 327 Bartruff Road, Anna

Dorothy S. Ramsey, 210 17th St., Cairo

Scott E. and Mary E. Meadows, 208 N. 18th St., Herrin

David A. and Shandale Bloodworth, 520 N. Eighth, Herrin

Heather A. Panzier, 303 N. Mill St., Carrier Mills

Jenessa R. Prairie, 905 Maple St., Zeigler

Amy Dawn George and Gary Wayne George Jr., 316 Doc Road, Eldorado

Melissa S. Niederbrach, 3940 Evelyn Lane, Evansville

Casey Adam Smith, 3477 Strawberry Road, Brookport

Rebecca Ann Podhorsky, 606 Dillard St., Eldorado

Dennis Lee and Sharon Lynn Manahan, 1330 County Road 1125 North, Fairfield

Lindsey Kaitlyn Casey, 1504 Marion St., Carterville

Marisa L. Lawhorn, 1372 E. Pine St., Percy

William J. and Candice R. Basenberg, 16527 Brussels St., West Frankfort

Zachary S. Green, 1709 E. DeYoung, Marion

Michael Tyler Morber, 48 Etherton Road, Murphysboro

Kenneth R. and Lola M. Barker, P.O. Box 292, Herrin

Douglas A. Williams, 410 N. Lincoln St., West Frankfort

Eddy D. and Darise D. Cullum, 403 State Highway 145 North, Simpson

Tifanie Denise Nevings, 803 S. 23rd St., Mount Vernon

Ronald Eugene and Michelle Ruth Kinkade, 411 N. Harshaw, Cutler

Jason L. Eastman, 12377 Villa Way, Johnston City

Matthew R. Schuetz, 10274 Exchange Raod, Apt. B, Sparta

Stephan Michael McGill, 323 E. Sixth St., Mount Carmel

Derick Duane and Britni Nicole Younger, 118 McCann St., Benton

Gayla F. Kurtzrock, 2322 Logan St., Murphysboro

Christopher M. Roberts, P.O. Box 244, Benton

Ryan M. Glaub, 4244 Sycamore Road, Carterville

Kelli S. Spiller, P.O. Box 36, Willisville

Billy Joe Lester, 4514 State Route 14, McLeansboro

Leonard Ray Steward, 4219 Rose Lane Apt. 9, Mount Vernon

James Leroy Hargett Jr., 612 S. Granger, Harrisburg

DesiRae Murdock, 5148 E. Illinois Highway 15, Woodlawn

Claude, Wayne Arnold, 608 E. Illinois Highway 15, Apt. 107, Mount Vernon

Gary W. Rhoades Jr., 412 N. 12th, Herrin

Tyler A. Craig, 1318 W. Delaware, Fairfield

Sandra Jean Varner, 1400 Barham, Johnston City

Linda Hastings, 405 S. 28th, Herrin

Matthew W. Palmer, 6 Hardin Lane, Simpson

Dean Jason and Delaney Jade Short, 301 Cook Ave., Jonesboro

Carla Ann Shelton, 1028 CR 1725 East, Fairfield

Jody Scott and Tina Marie Ray, 552 County Road, 1900 E, Fairfield

William D. DeBoer, 16584 N. Illinois 37, Lot 90, Mount Vernon

Tommy L. and Christi J. Stief, 1208 N. 12th St., Mount Vernon   

Billy Joe Moore Jr. and Lisa Ann Moore, 1107 N.W. Seventh St, Fairfield

Omar L. and Danielle Blythe, 43 Ava Road, Murphysboro

Bobby W. and Melodee A. Henderson, P.O. Box 223, Olive Branch

Thomas L. Dunaway, P.O. Box 132, Albion

Berneita Ann Ellis, 905 N. Seventh St., Mount Vernon

Jennifer S. Maggi, 6780 Stonefort Road, Creal Springs

Ragan Denise Myerscough, 730 Kensington Ave., Mount Vernon

Anna C. Dorris, 501 S. Dixon Ave., Carbondale

Doris V. Throgmorton, 8571 Tiger St., Herrin

Donald E. and Barbara A. Charles, P.O. Box 265, Dongola

Pamela L. Anderson, 7240 Peach Lane, Carbondale

Vernon Leroy Williams Jr., 813 S. 23rd St., Mount Vernon

Arthur Joe Lively, 215 N. Cherry St., De Soto

Mark S. Shelby, 424 N. Division, Mount Carmel

Seth Clayton and Nicole Dannielle Dixon, 422 Gillis, Du Quoin

Starr Lynn Gordon, 351 Tracy Lane, Du Quoin

Rosemary E. Franklin, P.O. Box 386, Herrin

Eric Z. Wright, 906 S. Granger St., Harrisburg

William T. Taylor, 2222 Roblee Ave., Murphysboro   

Chapter 13

Richard T. and Keina C. Beasley, 2559 Orient Road, West Frankfort

Antoinette M. Lenhardt, P.O. Box 121, Tamms

Jason S. Mathew, 539 N. John S., Jonesboro

Devon Michael Lohman, P.O. Box 291, Coulterville

Adam David Groah, 9192 Wabash 10 Ave., Mount Carmel

Jeffrey Scott and Yvette Anna Sandy, 8481 Market St., Thompsonville

David L. and Leah K. Payne, 16783 Duncan Road, Johnston City

Kevin E. and Kasey Rae Smith, 507 W. Carpenter St., McLeansboro

Beverly K. Wefels, 1030 Hunter Circle, Benton

James H. and Helen F. Bergman, P.O. Box 138, Dowell

Brian A. and Amy S. Schandl, 709 S. Walnut St., Pinckneyville

Susan A. Lutes, 1005 Benton, Johnston City

Danny P. and Brande N. Alvis, 8322 U.S. Route 51, Tamaroa 

Charles W. Casey, 23678 Summers Lane, Macedonia

Azur D. Sohnrey, P.O. Box 48, Tilden

Johnnie R. and Candyce M.  Reed, 607 W. Main St., Apt. A, Fairfield

Jimmy C. and Shannon Dawn Marler, 1909 Olive St., Mount Vernon

Walter A. Davis III and Laverne L. Davis, 800 S. 13th St., Herrin

Tiffany Jo Gosnell, 6245 N. Matisse Lane, Bonnie

Robert C. and Marcia A. Niemi, 3433 Olive Branch Road, Mounds

Matthew L. and Melissa A. Rider, P.O. Box 400, Dongola

Timmy J. Marks, 19574 E. Bakerville, Opdyke

John Edward Girado, 3104 W. Main St., Marion

Tara R. Pulliam, 604 W. Fourth St, Johnston City

Jeff D. and Mary I. Whitlow, 914 Jopkin, Benton

Glenn S. Swigert, P.O. Box 36, Valier

Veronica A. Bowden, P.O. Box 494, Tamms

LeRoy C. and JoAnn Brammeier, 908 S. Pope St., Benton

Craig Robert and Loretta LeAnn Okraj, 23345 N. Canton Lane, Texico

 Gina L. Simon, 708 E. College, No. 7, Carbondale

Laura Kathleen Cox, P.O. Box 223, Herrin

Travis M. and Lesli R. Kluge, 5 Bay City Road, Golconda

Daniel D. and Amanda J. Teel, 107 Orchard St., Orient

Dennis L. and Rosemary Overturf, 2885 Cambon Lake Circle, West Frankfort


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