Chapter 7

Kristal A. Dean, 102 Watkins Drive, Jonesboro

Lloyd W. Edwards, 114 W. Lewis Ave., Anna

Charles E. and Donna J. Steele, 21614 Shawneetown Road, Thompsonville

Loretta May Raber, 11241 E. 1020 Lane, Mount Carmel

Eric T. and Ashley J. Straube, 1013 S. Webster, Harrisburg

Walter D. and Lanette M. Easterly, 315 N. Gardner St., West Frankfort

Carol G. Finney, 312 S. Emma, No. 205, West Frankfort

Larry Dean and Gail A. Short, 2105 Boyd Road, Anna

Barry K. and Amy C. Travis, 23 Barger Drive, Metropolis

Sherry F. Owens, 102 Coal St., West Frankfort

Jeremy M. Stepek, 408 N. Buchanan, Benton

David E. Millin, 1207 N. Division St., Du Quoin

Tammie Floers, 25068 Goldenrod Road, Tamms

James Matthew Harrell, 1568 Olive Branch Road, Mounds

Mary A. Edwards, 420 North St., Anna

Alice Fay Sharp, P.O. Box 66, Tamms

Jamie L. Griffith, P.O. Box 185, Harrisburg

Russell Dean Williams, 2330 McCord St., Murphysboro

Walter M. Dudzinski, 610 E. Third St., Buckner

James B. Bean, 700 W. Lincoln St., De Soto

Stanley D. and Diana L. Shadowens, 985 Allen Road, Galatia

Christie M. Wall, 911 E. College St., Marion

Timothy Paul Braggs, 15561 S. Moore St., Sesser

Kay Frances Barrett, 1600 W. Delaware, Apt. 23, Fairfield

Maryanne C. Boren, 230 Rendleman Ave., Wolf Lake

Steven K. Short, 17239 Norris City Road, Broughton

Antjuan C. Kee, 2722 Meridian Road, Mounds

Cassandra C. Geary, 600 E. Roosevelt St., Du Quoin

James M. Dickerson, P.O. Box 56, Thebes

Ronnie L. Harris, 13291 First Ave., Cairo

Wilma C. McDaniel, 1200 E. Grand Ave., Brookside Manor, Building 62A, Carbondale

Connie P. Arnold, 201 Evergreen Drive, Anna

Timothy S. Williams, 320 Bethel Church Road, Cobden

Richard Hart, 918 W. Chestnut St., Marion

Nathaniel R. Ehlers, 1108 Stone St., Red Bud

Phyllis A. Stout, 360 John Able Drive, Goreville

Sharon K. Shadowens, 817 State Rt. 3, Rockwood

Donna A. Harrelson, 465 Old Town Road, Stonefort

Prentice R. Washington Jr., P.O. Box 395, Mount Vernon

Shannon Gene and Amber Lee Hefner, 14223 N. Two Mile Creek Lane, Mount Vernon

Marsha K. Burnett, 1111 E. Carter, Marion

William C. and Marjorie H. Groskopf, P.O. Box 493, Elkville

Viola Mae Brown, 214 Dobson, Carterville

Avita C. Johnson, P.O. Box 1024, Mount Vernon

Gayl R. Whitby, 1401 S. 16th St., Apt. G2, Herrin

Shannon Lea Barker, 203 G St., McLeansboro

Mary E. Bush, P.O. Box 39, Shawneetown

Travis L. Dobrey, P.O. Box 210, Harrisburg

Russell C. Harris, 502 Abby Lane, Carterville

Nathaniel R. Blew, 1204 S. Jefferson St., Carbondale

Verna L. Horner, P.O. Box 253, Cambria

Richard A. and Tamara D. Fitzpatrick, 1102 N. McLeansboro, Benton

Kathy Sue Plant, 505 S. St., Du Quoin

Michelle Renee Newcomb, 203 G. St., McLeansboro

Vickie Lynn Lewis, 2317 Sneed Road, Carbondale

M. Diane White, P.O. Box 201, Marissa

Robert Lee and Carla Darlene Ellis, 4113 Willow Springs, Mount Vernon

James Patrick McLain Jr., 3255 Coyle Lane, Equality

Christopher N. Gallegos, 115 Main St., Gorham

Dana R. Robinson, 106 S. Newton St., Buckner

Nancy L. Farrar, 6142 State Highway N., Benton

Mary Ann Houseworth, 620 E. Grant, Apt. 8, Herrin

Jason Dewayne and Jacqueline Marie Dover, 624 E. High St., Anna

Jeremy K. and Allison Griffith, P.O. Box 66, Rosiclare

Pamela Sue Moss, 403 N. St., Murphysboro

Geri A. Wilson, P.O. Box 321, Crossville

Matthew Alan and Pricilla Anne Kirk, 5350 County Road 875 East, McLeansboro

Lindell D. Toms, 1906 E. Garland, West Frankfort

Terri O. Brindley, 114 Eichorst Road, Ullin

 Brian R. Bequeaith, 1205 S. Maple St., Carterville

Gina L. Horton, 703 S. Marshall, Harrisburg

Pamela J. Brown, 401 E. Olive St., McLeansboro

Jeffrey W. Drake, 1314 N. 14th St., Murphysboro

Mary Jane Robinson, 32 W. Walnut St., Harrisburg

Chapter 13

Tracey Locke, 1210 Black Diamond Drive, No. 2, Carbondale

Jeffery E. Greiving, 336 W. Fourth St., Benton

Jeffrey L. Richardson, 217 N. 11th, Herrin

Thomas D. McKenna, 4562 Perks Road, Ullin

Melissa L. Riley, 36 James Drive, Metropolis

Jason Anthony Laird, 924 Tolle Road, Mount Vernon

Christopher R. and Sandra S. Henry, 504 E. Olive St., Red Bud

James A. and Martha M. Varney, 14485 U.S. Highway 45 North, New Burnside

Larry P. Smith Jr., 8780 Anderson School Road, McLeansboro

Karla A. Olson, 208 Mitchell St., Benton

Herman F. Beck, P.O. Box 302, Pinckneyville

Charles and Patricia A. Miller, 909 N. Commercial St., Benton

Gloria Nicole and Ruben Baui Abenes, 3509 Piccadilly Ave., Mount Vernon

Carol L. Wickman, 5457 E. Dix Irvington Road, Walnut Hill

Clarence A. and Marsha G. Clemons, 104 E. Marion St., Marion

Edward E. Killman, 1103 Early Bird Drive, Marion

Jason L. and Jana L. Creamer, 1203 Pine St., Evansville

Oscar C. Esquivel, 1105 County Road 1800 E, Fairfield

Kathryn F. Sudano, 514 E. Ashley St., Elkville

Beau James and Sarah Elizabeth Brown, 31 W. Ogara St., Harrisburg

Candace J. Lewis, 301 E. Allen Drive, Marion

Jack George and Jamie Lyn Dunaway Jr., 21 Coral Road, Rockwood

Larry K. and Wanda L. Faber, 601 E. Charles St., West Frankfort

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