Chapter 7

Joseph Daniel High, 820 W. Mill St., Apt. 212B, Carbondale

Joseph M. Mattingly, 1405 E. Main St., Apt. 301, West Frankfort

Judd A. Burnett, 7761 Stonefort Road, Creal Springs

John C. and Vannessa R. Stillson, 209 E. Dayton St., Harrisburg

Kayla D. Payton, 518 E. Sycamore St., Apt. B, Carbondale

Cynthia A. Wahls, 1207 Brenda St., Chester

Walter F. Stevenson, P.O. Box 114, New Burnside

David W. Freiberger, 122 Two Pines Drive, Ava

Destiny Jones, 303 W. College St., Carbondale

Daniel C. and Sherri J. Jeffords, 3697 Mermet Road, Belknap

Jeremy E. Madej, 811 E. Seventh St., Metropolis

Aaron John Parker, 711 S. Snider, Christopher

Nicole L. Gray, 409 S.E. Second, Fairfield

Robert E. and Doris W. Hileman, 302 Brady Mills Road, Anna

Timothy Lee and April E. Wilkins, P.O. Box 152, Marion

Patricia J. Maglica, 1323 Locust, Eldorado

Eugene J. Schaefer, 1370 Annabell Road, Cypress

Lee D. Perkins, 925 Royal Oak Court, Herrin

Richard Dee Gulley, 120 S. Sixth St., De Soto

Victor R. and Sylvia A. Dudley, 715 E. Fifth St., Mount Carmel

Nathan S. Collins, 607 N. Otis St., Marion

Brian A. and Beth A. Cunningham, 13061 S. County Line Road, West Frankfort

Darrel D. and Kim C. Grove, 601 E. Fifth, West Frankfort

Johnie Wayne Jenkins, 12899 N. Falcon St., Bluford

Alisha M. Cornman, 770 W. Whitehill Road, Cypress

Scott Eugene McMurray and Emily Suzanne Brock, 737 E. Park St., Du Quoin

Rachel N. Rios, P.O. Box 14, Anna

Travis J. and Ronda S. Helsley, 634 E. Park St., Du Quoin

Ghada M. Wimberly, 622 E. Searing St., Carbondale

Michelle L. Maglica, 1550 Reed St., Eldorado

John H. Cole, 210 Mitchell St., Benton

Dylan C. Beaver, 100 Dodd Cemetery Road, Eldorado

Lori Susan Ramsey, 118 S. Vine St., Harrisburg

Joseph D. and Regina R. Dunmyer, 108 W. Main St., Elkville

Edward C. and Nichole L. Langley, 10706 Schuline Road, Sparta

James David and Rachel Leigh Hooten, 1403 Posey St., Marion

Michelle L. Jones, 1021 Oakland Ave., Mount Vernon

Michael James and Tracy Lynn Cook, 70 Matt Lane, Harrisburg

Tonya Sue Mays, 13551 Alleghany Road, Thompsonville

Scott Len Griffith, 18016 County Line Road, Jonesboro

Scotty T. and Nedra M. Henry Sr., 823 Main St., Mound City

Michael R. and Trina L. Young, 1808 Colonial Drive, Marion

Kory Ryan Graff, P.O. Box 637, Murphysboro 

Chapter 13

Henry J. and Michelle P. Shelton, 1411 E. Webster, Benton

Wendy T. and Keith L. LaGrone, P.O. Box 214, Tamms

Juanita Sue Stone, 209 E. Lewis St., Anna

Melvin L. Dysart, 404 S. Marion St., Apt. D, Carbondale

John T. and Lori B. Walley Jr., 1503 E. Elm, West Frankfort

Edith Francis Pitchford, 200 Jones, Lot 16, Woodlawn

Ed and Veronica L. Roseberry, P.O. Box 1211, Murphysboro

Dustin N. and Holly R. Erwin, 108 Townhouse Drive, Carterville

Timothy A. Crecelius, P.O. Box 105, Ullin

Raymond L. and Theresa A. Gant, 2538 VanZandt St., Mulkeytown

Kerry B. and Betty D. Hill, 400 Red Howerton, Carterville

Jeffrey L. and Iva L. Freytag, 3025 County Road 5, Steeleville

Angela S. Virruso, 403 Jesse Lane, Herrin

Trevor Eugene Joiner, 6327 Second St, Benton

Sharon K. Webb, 235 U.S. Highway 45, Cisne

Kristen D. Anastasi, 1500 Davis Ave., Johnston City

Kevin B. Edwards, 307 S. Second, Mount Vernon

Richard O. and Pamela Margaret Arrington, 5689 Bethel Road, Benton

Joshua R. and Amy Y. Chitwood, 103 W. Board St., Elkville

Daniel Alan and Julie M. Anderson, 19231 Cherokee Farm Road, Creal Springs

Elijah Devonte Bidinger, 703 S. Murrie, Carbondale

Clinton D. and Ruth H. Jordan, 11024 Plumville Road, Marion

Teness L. Jackson, 4437 Meadowland Parkway, Marion

Jacqueline P. Meserole, 909 W. White St., Marion

John Mitchell Bozzi, 800 S. 26th St., Mount Vernon

Richard A. and Rhonda K. Pearce, 413 N. 13th St., Herrin  

Lillian A. Favors, 460 Old Broughton Road, Eldorado

Brandon Ray and Heidi Sue Arrowood, 117 MJ Lane, Apt. 1, De Soto

Mindy Lea Farrar, 903 W. Fifth St., Mount Carmel

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