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Chapter 7

Golda Brandon, 212 E. Vermont, Carterville

Stephen Thomas and Sharon Jo McInerney, 1477 Old Towne Estates Road, Du Quoin

Pro Point Masonry Constructions Inc., 209 W. Almond St., Percy

Joshua James and Cassandra Elaine Hepp, P.O. Box 165, Steeleville

Frank D. Herin, 716 N. 18th St., Herrin

Terrance M. Hedger, 704 Dorris Heights Road, Harrisburg

Jimmy W. and Patricia A. Williams, P.O Box 422, Equality

Paul H. and Sayword Bridget Edwards, P.O. Box 394, Cambria

Wesley F. and Carolyn S. Evans, 205 Eighth St., Carmi

Robert S. Hodges, 3714 Highland St., Cairo

Kari A. Oliver, 714 S. McKinley, Harrisburg

Christopher M. and Brentiney C. Deming, 617 S. Sixth St., Herrin

Hollie Kaye Esmon, 1516 Triangle St., Mount Vernon

Lynda Kaye Shamblin, 27 W. Baker St., Harrisburg

David Shawn and Ryleasha Lynn Coleman, P.O. Box 2753, Carbondale 

Roger Allen and Wynell Park McCallie, 126 W. Roosevelt Ave., Shawneetown

Rebecca Rená Poirot, 2203 W. Poplar St., Harrisburg

James B. Gregory and Starla M. Gregory, 412 Orange St., Mount Vernon

Mark Bryant and Sarah Elizabeth Taylor, 10292 Chayla Road, Marion

Stacey L. Mayer, 911 E. Stotlar, Herrin

George Leithliter, 1209 County Road 875 East, Carmi

Janis L. Tapley, 317 Circle Drive, Vienna

Gary L. and Carolyn S. Wilkinson, 309 S. Mannering, Royalton

 Marianna Intravaia, 408 S. Carbon, Marion

Calvin G. and Shannon D. Edwards, 12660 Route 34 North, Galatia

Sheila A. Kasperzick, 311 N. Fourth St., Coulterville

Kellie N. Bryant, 207 Quiet Lane, Carbondale

Arnold and Janice Burris, 312 16th St., Cairo

Michelle E. Wise, 6 Buena Vista Drive, Murphysboro

David F. Cloninger, 6616 State Route 154, Tamaroa

Loretta M. Cloninger, 7836 Kimmel, Du Quoin

Samuel R. Hampton, 2135 Logan St., Murphysboro

Renee Ann Baldwin, 760 Fairfield Road, Mount Vernon

Eric Taylor Jiardina, 1106 Lickliter St., Lot 44, Benton

Andrew L. and Kara L. Hill, 317 N. Dean, Royalton

Jonas John Delagrange, 1928 County Road 1775 E, Cisne

Arval L. Van Jr., and Valerie J. Van, 143 W. Denton St., Shawneetown

Valerie J. Legereit, P.O. Box 434, Tilden

Mark D. and Mary J. Smith, 1108 E. Sloan St., Harrisburg

Patricia Richardson, P.O. Box 106, Sparta

Matthew J. Wheat, 306 E. High St., Apt. 4, Okawville

Elizabeth Ann Chester, P.O. Box 2021, Carbondale

Charles D. and Lori A. Cowsert, 705 N. Brown St., Benton

Lisa D. Hicks, 12332 Lakeview Road, Mount Vernon

James Cain, P.O. Box 33, Tamms

Allison R. Nolen, 500 McDermott, Harrisburg

Steven S. Statler, 210 W. Fifth St., West Frankfort

David R. Cook, P.O. Box 49, Coello

Mary S. Marshall, 304 Briddick St., Eldorado

Robert D. Jennifer S. Northup, 404 Burke St., Bluford

Terra Lynn Goodman, 2205 First St., Eldorado

Jerry Don and Ruth Skinner, 1030 Southgate Drive, Mount Vernon

Carolyn L. Beamer, 106 S. Washington Ave., Okawville

Lance E. Tullis, 1009 Scott St., Eldorado

Shawn E. and Angela G. Brown, P.O. Box 179, Willisville 

Deitra L. Allen, 8555 Smokey Road, Shawneetown

Seth C. Terry, 2620 Lebanon Road, Galatia

Jeremy D. and Christine K. Stuart, 404 N. 11th St., Herrin

Jeremy Craig and Kimberly June Williams, 2444 Blackman Hill Road, Harrisburg

Ryan J. Seaton, 510 S. University Ave., Apt. 43, Carbondale

Jennifer D. Buckman, 2813 Lime Ave., Mount Vernon

Clifford M. and Judy E. Houseworth, P.O. Box 3, 107 Links St., Ewing 

Tammy S. Hinman, 302 E. Alexander St., Energy

Lloyd Charles Wilkerson, 705 Maple St., Mount Vernon

Heather A. Bean, 27 Westwood Lane, Murphysboro

Frank T. Robinson, 221 Michigan, Carterville

Linda K. Parks, 1565 U.S. Highway 51 South, Anna

Joel Keith Allen, 1406 S. Buchanan, Marion

John H. Hayes, 605 S. Dixon, Carbondale

Felecia R. Avery, 1010 Oakland Ave., Mount Vernon

Stephnee Marie Gibson, 501 N. Sparta St, Steeleville

Adam Wininger, 90 Gebauer Heights, Apt. P, Eddyville

William N. Armstrong V, 290 Warren Road, Lot 90, Carbondale

Laurie Williams, 320 Bethel Church Road, Cobden

Brandon T. and Christina K. Elder, 2 N. Line St., Du Quoin 

Chapter 13

Cheryl Lynn James, 14470 Cambria Road, Carterville

Angela D. James, 250 Clark School Road, De Soto

Timothy L. and Brittany N. Curwick Jr., 206 E. Chicago, Orient

Kristina Lynne McDonald, 320 E. Olive, Du Quoin

Gregory D. Pulley, 1514 W. Stotlar, Herrin

Dorothea Pullett, 410 S. Fourth St., Mound City

Amy N. Hines, P.O. Box 1531, Murphysboro

Linda Kay Bowers, 9746 County Road, 900 East, McLeansboro

Anna G. Unthank, 1104 Womack, Eldorado

Mark S. and Elizabeth A. Sine, 1207 Anderson Drive, Marion

Tracy and Susan King, P.O. Box 484, Dongola  

Angela Renee Sheridan, 9050 N. Lighthouse Lane, Opdyke

Michael I. Willett, P.O. Box 585, Herrin

Bobbi A. Patton, 165 Kane Road, Eldorado

Jowana D. Whitfield, 426 Union St., Cairo

Tiana Span, 63-A Highlander Drive, Carbondale

Virgil and Wanda Williams, 110 Bond Lane, Dongola

Steven B. and Joyce L. Rehmer, P.O. Box 165, Willisville

Schannone R. Steinberger, 108 N. Cherry, West Frankfort

John David and Sandra Lynn Lehr, 711 Magnolia, Mount Vernon

Danny A. and Candice L. Wright Jr., 801 N. McLaren, Marion

Randall E. and Christine M. Bridges, 424 Springfield Ave., Anna

James Dunning, 214 Opdyke St., Apt. 206, Chester

Rebecca J. Bauman, 208 B Main St., Mount Vernon

Joshua House, 103 Treadwater Drive, De Soto

Cassandra King, 152 Melmar Drive, Sparta


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