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Southern Business Journal: Bankruptcies

Southern Business Journal: Bankruptcies

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Chapter 7

Jamie N. Clay, P.O. Box 776, Jonesboro

Cody L. and Rochelle A. Flores, 515 N. 10th, Herrin

Elbert E. Gee, 402 W. Springs St., Apt. 11, Anna

Sandra S. Korves, 504 E. Olice St., Red Bud

Robin L. Barksdale, P.O. Box 402, Mounds

Teresa D. Steely, 21 S. Illinois Ave., Du Quoin

Abigail Ciara Claybourne, 1 Brookhaven Drive, Mount Vernon

Kenneth R. Unthank, 165 Unthank Road, Eldorado

Betty J. Snyder, 520 Fairfield Road, Apt. B, Mount Vernon

Charles A. Dunlap, 22746 E. 1300 Road, Allendale

Miriam E. Pierce, 2945 Tamms Road, Ullin

Rebecca J. Harkness, 1 Shamrock Lane, Addieville

Michael R. Parker and Sabrina J. Rundles, P.O. Box 863, Cairo

Matthew D. and Jacquelyn M. Wright, 2024 Jackson St., Murphysboro

Judy L. Springfield, 118 N. McKinley St., Mounds

Billy W. and Kimberly J. Freeman, 65 Front St., Tamms

William J. and Jaqueline K. Griffith, 950 Goshem Trail Road, Eldorado

Jessica F. Williams, 302 N. Fourth St., Grayville

Calvin R. Brandon, 606 W. Sylvester, Christopher

Linda Lee Rapp, 406 W. Main St., McLeansboro

Chelsea R. Barnfield, 22296 Akin Blacktop Road, Thompsonville

Whitney Erin Hall, 716 Filmore Square, Herrin

Tina Mearie Gilliam, 219 N. Third St., Bonnie

Robert A. and Kathleen A. Fauset, 1900 S. Thompsonville Road, Thompsonville

Brandon Scott Walker, 899 Country Club Road, Metropolis

Randall Ray Bayles, 2318 Country Road 1175E

Jennifer K. Buchheit, P.O. Box 363, Cobden

Twyla K. Holmes, 14903 Eastland Road, Marion

Tammy L. Gass, 711 W. Broadway, Johnston City

Rhonda L. Hammon, 5288 State Highway 37, Villa Ridge

Corey W. Owens, 18896 E. Jefferson Road, Mount Vernon

Glenna M. Johnson, 405 W Perrine St., Johnston City

Andrew M. Broadhurst, P.O. Box 216, Dowell

Larry D. and Christina L. Scott, 504 N. 20th St., Herrin

Loretta M. Taylor, 4302 Valley Forge Road, Apt. B, Mount Vernon

Elva R. Arview, 306 W. Callie, Sesser

Siera N. Pomeroy, 710 22nd St., Cairo

Sandra J. Stone, 101 Industrial Drive, Anna

Angela Genise Anderson, 511 E. Eason Drive, Carbondale

Nancy J. McCree, 107 Janet St., Sparta

Melissa K. Gibbons, P.O. Box 118, Marion

Heather L. Owens, P.O. Box 142, Tilden

Barbara J. Doblin, 200A Lincoln St., Anna

Tammy L. Copus, 507 E. First South St., Tamaroa

Ira G. Ramsey, 12 Links St., Ewing

John M. and Amber N. Skorcz, 1028 Henry St., Chester

Jill A. Deaton, 3307 W. Lakeview, Marion

Steven Grant Carlton, 3127 Tick Ridge Road, Grand Chain

Raymond E. Bell III and Lena E. Bell, 205 Third St., Grand Tower

Varick R. Wells, 2829 Normandy Road, Karnak

Elizabeth A. Merchel, 713 Airport Road, Mount Vernon

Vang Kou Lee, 7997 N. Goshen Lane, Opdyke

Sean T. Carrell, 714 Driftwood, Marion

Brandon Dale Fulkerton, 22 N. Water St., Harrisburg

Michael Leo and Deborah Loretta Lynch, 7119 E. Mitchell Lake Road, Mulkeytown

Brandon Joseph and Kiela Marie Vuichard, 302 E. Brown, Pinckneyville

Michael Wayne Caraker, 307 Winthrop Road, Elkville


Chapter 13

Beverly J. Daniel, P.O. Box 893, Marion

Rodney A. and Vicki L. Pearce, 401 N. 10th St., Mount Vernon

Eric L. and Amy E. Plott, 1690 Lick Creek Road, Anna

Terry G. Armes, 14193 State Highway 149, West Frankfort

Brent L. Stroud, 16906 Log Cabin Road, Marion

Douglas C. Brown III, 2704 Winter Lane, Marion

Billie R. House, 1103 N. Monroe, Marion

Gary L. Baker, 19636 Ferrell Church Road, Marion

Robert N. and Amy K. Hale, 731 County Road, 1450N

Everett L. and Anna M. Kilpatrick, P.O. Box 26, Ava

Victor R. Aaron, 702 E. Oak St., Coulterville

Phillip C. Skelton, 212 S. Lake Heights, No. 2, Carbondale

Dennis M. and Agnes C. Wilkins, P.O. Box 11, Dowell

Paul Edward Cogdill, 13194 State Highway 37 N, Benton

Michael L. Wright, P.O. Box 13, Zeigler

John L. and Stephanie R. Casey, 1497 Morgan School Road, Jonesboro

Genevieve Marie Henderson, 23565 Geg Hollow Road, Thebes

Ashley D. Miles, 407 E. Main St., Steeleville

Melody A. Franklin, 100 N. Marshall St., Dix

Daniel O. and Cherryel Young, 232 river Laurel Drive, Belleville

Christopher Michael Vollmer, 1300 Arbicola Drive, Marion

Cody D. Cook, 334 Spring St., Dongola

Angela F. Murray, 128 S. Reader St., Mounds

John David and Laura Jane Miller, P.O. Box 237, Dongola

Chad Michael and Melissa Ann Rucker, 1418 County Road 1240E

Kenneth R. and Cinthia M. Finney, 804 E. Garland, West Frankfort

Tona Janice Bonneville, P.O. Box 732, Shawneetown

Donald L. and Carolee Evans, P.O. Box 55, Brookport

Jeffrey Scott and Paula Lyn Terrana Cowsert, 321 Schneider St., Carterville

Katherine J. Herring, 10 Deerfield Land, Metropolis



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