Southern Business Journal: Bankruptcies

Southern Business Journal: Bankruptcies

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Chapter 7

Tricia M. Shannon, 708 N. Seventh, Herrin

Jacqueliyn A. Taylor, 13927 Rains Road, West Frankfort

David S. Summers, 3551 Poplar St., Thompsonville

Crystal A. Thompson, 311 W. Fifth, Benton

Ray James Baker, 901 N. 10th, Mount Vernon

Christopher L. and Alice N. Rickert, 106 Breeze Drive, Carterville

Kelly Colleen Fisher, 1017 W. Webster, Benton

Ashley E. Sumowski, 13188 Lake of Egypt Road, Marion

Garry J. Moore Jr., 706 S. 24th, Mount Vernon

Toby A. and Carmen Marie Rhine, 333 Spring St., Dongola

Megan S. Moses, 110 Park Drive, McClure

Deborah J. Blazek, 70 Legend Road, Carrier Mills

DeShera Michelle Nicole Myers, 90 Nova Lane, Carbondale

Timothy A. and Tina L. Skinner, 403 E. Yung St., Sesser

Sheila L. Tennessen, 605 W. Cherry St., Herrin

Mark Alan and Jodi Sue Morefield, 208 S. Ballantine Ave., Du Quoin

Justin S. Chandler, 109 Panther Drive, Pinckneyville

Rhonda K. Miller, 1203 Maple St., Carterville

Jeffrey B. Carroll, 2516 Casey Ave., Mount Vernon

Bart A. and Karen E. Nevill, 4470 Hitt Road, Tamaroa

Robert Michael and Joyce A. Eisenhauer, P.O. Box 7, Herrin

James E. and Heidi J. Williams Jr., 13580 Charleston Road, Johnston City

Joseph P. Williams, 1601 New Era Road, Apt. 306, Carbondale

Shawn W. Shadley, 11471 Norman Road, Marion

Norma S. Rogers, 316 W. Elm St., Harrisburg

Jolene R. Caraker, 16 Ruth Lane, Murphysboro

Jackie R. Wilson, 625 W. Commercial Ave., Pulaski

Garrett Lee and Christin Mae York, 513 W. Walnut St., Carbondale

Debbie J. Gibs, 5750 Galatia Road, Galatia

Juanita Stegle, 514 S. Main, Anna

Pearl I. Mitchell, 720 W. Market St., Christopher

William Cole, P.O. Box 13, Tamms

Timothy D. Deaton, 3307 W. Lakeview Road, Marion

Mark Allen Angus, 802 S. Cockrum, Sesser

Jeffrey Cole Johnson, P.O. Box 145, Allendale

William Edward and Katie Lynn Bulliner, 706 N. Vine, Du Quoin

James Alan and Emily Elizabeth Harris, 207 W. Fifth St., Benton

Jack D. Gates, 212 County Road, 1200 E, New Haven

Daniel D. and Melissa M. Schmidt, 720 Madison St., Eldorado

Vivian E. N. Lowery, 604 N. Horrell Ave., West Frankfort

Gary W. Boston, 1916 Saline Ave., Eldorado

Norma Jean Tanner, P.O. Box 124, Carrier Mills

Jeramie D. and Ami L. Scoville, 1085 Pershing Road, West Frankfort

Joshua S. and Amy J. Dwight, 2104 Hortense St., Murphysboro

Kenneth R. Miller Jr., P.O. Box 192, Coulterville

Allen J. Bowman, P.O. Box 164, Olive Branch

Mercedes Yates Jones, 2300 S. Illinois Ave., Apt. C4, Carbondale

Shawn Nowlin, 311 Oak Drive, Metropolis

Linda M. Hall, P.O. Box 139, Stonefort

David A. Chenault, 1410 W. Blvd., Apt. B, Marion

Erin Leigh Kinsolving, 1535 County Road 900 North, Fairfield

Joshua Keith and Autumn Renee Harms, 809 W. Sixth St., Mount Carmel 

Betty G. Davis Nelson, 13969 Edwards Road, Pittsburg

Connie L. Miller, 2025 Illinois 15, Fairfield

Michael W. and Christina J. Hosmon, 13741 Fowler School Road, Marion

Autumn Lindsey Skidmore, 630 N. Division St., Du Quoin

Mary A. Gosney, 310 E. Cleveland St., West Frankfort

Dale E. Hart Sr., 104 W. Ozburn St., Pinckneyville

Michael G. and Virginia L. McCluckie, 109 Haleigh Drive, Energy

Ronald Eugene Criner, 1601B Yost Drive, Marion

Ida Geraldine Reiman, 88 Palm Lane, Murphysboro

Randy W. and Renae Marie Kueker, 117 John Drive, Chester

Anna Bisschop Birkner and Eric Scott Birkner, 583 W. Lebanon St., Nashville

Kimberly Michelle Downey, 400 W. Delaware St., Fairfield

Tyler James and Katelin Marie Inman, 509 S. Binkley St., West Frankfort

Savanah S. Morrow, 1339 Swanwick Rice Road, Coulterville

LaTasha T. Green, 403 E. Blvd. St., Marion

Ronny James Stewart Jr., 203 N. Hamlet St. No. 4, Marion

Kenneth Richard Thompson, 1510 Davis Ave., Johnston City

Charles F. and Mary M. Toler III, 218 S. 19th St., Herrin

 Jeri Amanda Givan, 901 First St., Eldorado 

Chapter 13

Julia Marie Steinmetz, 3033 Reed Station Road, De Soto

Crystal E. Vogel, P.O. Box 195, Willisville

Dennis P. and Donna J. Sminchak, 10358 Gass St., West Frankfort

Cheryl A. and Jason H. Ruzich, 1504 Miller Drive, Herrin

Louis S. and Triniti P. Baker, 1555 Robin Woods Lane, Ozark

Chasity L. Earnheart, 7492 Locust St., Mulkeytown

Steven Eugene and Anna Elizabeth Lampley, 520 Lawrence St., Benton

Cyla R. Evetts, 4274 Homestead Road, Marion

Sean E. and Ashley D. Dillard, 328 Pacific St., Harrisburg

William Richard Mahon, 501 Rice St., Carmi

Heather Jo and David E. King, 221 S. 20th St., Herrin

Pamela Margaret Arrington, 305 W. Webster St., Benton

Frank D. and Barbara J. Herin Jr., 716 N. 18th St., Herrin

Dennis Lee and Lana Beth Whetstone, P.O. Box 187, Enfield

Betty A. Davidson, 21654 Benton St., Thompsonville

Michael S. and Nellie M. Poe, 707 Victor St., Christopher

Delbert G. and Alice M. Clover, 1355 Bartruff Road, Anna  

Harold Fred and Delores Bunnie Shelton, 19262 N. Ranch Lane, Mount Vernon

Shane D. Shadowens, 1942 Hudspeth Road, Apt. 5, Marion

Darla K. Oliver, 304 Dodds St., Waltonville

John Edward Girado, 3104 W. Main St., Marion

Mareshah A. Salley, 2803 Tamms Raod, Ullin

Tasha D. Hodge, No. 17 Johnson Terrace, Cairo

Ronald Dale and Jackie Sue Compton, 318 N. Fourth St., Albion

Christopher A. rooks, 404 N. Washington St., Sparta

Linda Sue Caraker, 1100 N. Eighth St., Herrin

John F. Flora II, 601 W. Idaho, Carterville

Angela Marie Williax, 57 Decker Springs Road, Elizabethtown

Amanda R. Patton, 334 W. McClernand Ave., Shawneetown

James R. Kosco, 301 Indian Drive, Johnston City



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