Chapter 7

Richard Allen and Jamie Marie Glover, 108 S. Market St., Buckner

ShannonDale Johnson, P.O. Box 544, Ridgway

Edward A. Cravens, 14512 Circus St., Herrin

Joshua R. and Geneva Danielle Barnhart, 208 E. Lincoln St., Karnak

Barbara Jean Wilkins, 113 E. 21st St., Metropolis

Marty Unthank, 500 Dillard St., Eldorado

Christine Maglinger Hubbard, 607 Smith St., Carmi

Christopher J. Pleasant, 355 Lakeshore Drive North, Goreville

Mary A. Gabby, 3740 Illinois 148, Carbondale

Kendra Sue Hamblin, 306 Fifth St., Carmi

Bobby J. and Amanda S. Voyles Jr., 8915 E. Meadows Road, Dix

Samantha N. Zeller, 167 N. Park St., Hoyleton

Donna Kay Clark, 407 Wilmington Ave., Orient

Joan M. Morgan, 259 Carline St, Carrier Mills

Nicole R. Dardin, 513 E. Lindell, West Frankfort

Brent A. Hunt, 1900 Organ St., Eldorado

Eric T. Lam, 1380 Harpertown Road, Tunnel Hill

Joyce A. Shockley, 912 Ferry St., Metropolis

Harold W. Frey, 11264 Licata Road, Benton

Irene M. Cross, 719 E. Fifth St., Metropolis

Lachele E. Morgan, 688 Creekside Lane, De Soto

Ashley R. Odum, 907 Pear St., Apt. C, Carterville 

Jeffrey M. Martin, 2409 Vanzandt St. Mulkeytown

Susan Renee Hague, 16721 Pumphouse Road, Tamms

Greg C. Porter, 570 W. Chester St., Nashville

Lowell Dean Simpson, 12413 E. Oakton Road, Mount Vernon

Jess W. Dawley, 117 Evergreen Drive, Anna

Latasha M. Chavis, 105 S. Elm St., Mount Carmel

Marvin H. Rogers, 28 Eastland Drive, Metropolis

Michael Hugh and Gloria Jane Gillick, 20407 Ewing Road, Ewing

Barbara M. Carruthers, 123 Antioch Lane, Carbondale

Jack D. and Tammy R. Trusty Jr., 602 S. Beacon Ave. Broughton

Claudia N. Lewis, 209 Estate Drive, Chester

Richard L. and Bethany N. Miles, 1505 Brittany Lane, Marion

Patricia A. Boyer, 7985 Hickcan Road, Okawville

Richard C. Waltner, P.O. Box 32, Cobden

Jason Hillis Farris, 4814 E. Partisan Road, Ashley

Gregory Ray Snow, 625 County Road, 1840 E, Fairfield

Deric C. and Ashley N. Loyd, 20988 Galatia Post Road, Pittsburg

Kellie E. Bradshaw, P.O. Box 145, Cairo

Kyle A. and Yvonne V. Dare, 33754 Whitney Hollow Road, Jonesboro

Mark D. Hines, 188 Cinnamon Lane, Murphysboro

Deborah M. Johnson, 4150 Highway 51, Mounds

Kenneth W. Rushing, 114 N. Marion, Carbondale

Tori Larae Guill, 517 S. Future St., Marion

Dennis Allen Minor, 1710 E. Charles St., West Frankfort

Daniel S. and Jamie R. Benton, P.O. Box 14, Stonefort

Ida K. Blades, 204 S. Horn St., West Frankfort

Jarred A. Smith, 15735 Nordhoff St., Unit 52, North Hills, California

Joshua R. and Tammy R. Givens, P.O. Box 393, Eldorado

Tammy F. Light, 828 State St., Chester

Brenda L. Marks, 3 W. Adams Court, P.O. Box 925, Mount Vernon

Tyler James Dickey 11 Esther Road, Fairfield

Richard Joe and Vanessa Irene George, 7716 Unionville Road, Brookport

Diane Smith, P.O. Box 3411, Mount Vernon

Brenda Sue Carter, P.O. Box 193, Jonesboro

Delores A. Isaac, 1202 Anderson Drive, Marion

Adrian Hull, 504 E. Ninth, West Frankfort

Jennifer R. Pasley, 7316 E. Richview Road, Mount Vernon

JA Fricke Constructors Inc., P.O. Box 576, Carterville

Vickie D. Miller-Curry, 6150 Lick Creek Road, Buncombe

Loretta M. Dixon, P.O. Box. 1712, Benton

Kristie L. Shockley, 217 High St., Mound City

Lisa A. Root, P.O. Box 325, Dongola

Michelle D. Steward, 588 W. Saint Louis St., Nashville

Bodo Egon Schneider, 307 S. Sparta St., Steeleville

Thomas O. and Vicky L. Raymond, 404 S. Dorris, West Frankfort

Jana L. McDaniel, 2112 Walnut St., Murphysboro  

Chapter 13

Eric Max Vaughan, 1442 Illinois Highway 15, Fairfield

Phillip S. and Leslie R. Wallen, 700 Main St., Carterville

Tara R. Harris, 3014 Poplar St., Cairo

Kenneth E. and Judy D. Harris, 457 County Road 700 N, Wayne City

Deborah R. Gladson, 1008 S. First St., Apt. B, Benton

Donna M. Staszak, 420 North St., Murphysboro

Beverly J. Daniel, P.O. Box 893, Marion

George Darrell Law, 704 Mine B Road, Herrin

Barbara E. Dolgner, 22971 E. Maple Road, Bluford

Kristy J. Cheers, 1008 W. Central St., Marion

James M. and Melody A. Sarensen, 312 N. Sims St., Royalton

Andrew W. Taylor, 11 Bucher Road, Mounds

Robert Eric Riddle, P.O. Box 75, Olmsted

Mary J. Teague, 629 35th St., Cairo

Wrensil C. and Norma J. Ray, 546 No. Summers St., Du Quoin

Loraine A. and Donna S. Maurer, 11317 Crystal Spring Road, Sparta  

William L. Johnston and Paula F. Stroub, 816 W. Robinson St., Harrisburg

Raymond D. Mandrell, 1854 E. Illinois, Woodlawn

Timothy R. and Joy Griffith, 13477 Ruembler Crossing, Benton

Chikitta D. McClung, 515 Sycamore St., Mounds

Cheryl A. Burgett, 215 N. Fifth St., Elkville

Barbara Ann Gamble, 700 Country Village Drive, Apt. 103, Anna

Steven W. and Kathryn N. Doggett, 1560 Grayson Lane, Eldorado  

Phillip R. Erthall Jr., 10867 Country Club Road, West Frankfort

Jennifer T. Reed, 3722 ross St., Thompsonville

Robert D. and Charlotte E. Pankey, 16352 Conner Road, Whittington

Robert W. Murrow, 32 Eagle Drive, Sparta

Michael D. and Peggy S. Duncan, 35 Wildcat Bluff Road, Vienna

Preston S. Easley, 602 N. Buchanan St., Benton

Derek G. Holland, 209 E. Florence St., Sesser

Shane J. Underwood, P.O. Box 591, Cobden

Aldo A. and Linda L. Bombado Sr., 294 Six Mile Creek Road, Du Quoin

Tamara Sue Kruzzette, 304 N. Second St., Albion

Kenneth Ray Spurlin Jr., 22 W. Midekiff St., Harrisburg

Daniel J. and Michele R. Halligan, 902 S. Cross St, Crossville

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