Behind the scenes: Shawnee Hoods shines on long after customers have left restaurants
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Behind the scenes: Shawnee Hoods shines on long after customers have left restaurants

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Long after the customers have enjoyed their meals and once the cooks have turned off their stoves and the servers have stashed away their trays, there is still work to be done. Even though the sign is turned off and the floors are mopped, there is one other cleaning chore for restaurants and kitchens.

That is when Josh and Jaime Lingle’s company, Shawnee Hoods, goes to work.

The couple, along with a team of four technicians and some administrative staff, takes on the sometimes unpleasant task of cleaning the exhaust systems required for commercial kitchens in restaurants, churches, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other locations.

“Any location that cooks for the public has to have a fire suppression system in their kitchen,” co-owner Jaime Lingle said. “They are required to have the system and their exhaust systems cleaned on a regular basis.”

She adds that without regular cleaning, the systems may not function correctly.

“Routine cleanings keep the fire suppression system free of grease, allowing it to do its job should a fire occur. Due to the amount of grease build-up in these types of locations, a regular six-month cleaning may be all you need to keep grease from building up on the fire suppression system, crud from accumulating in the hood, and grime from sticking to the fan,” she said.

Lingle says even though many of her company’s nearly 600 customers have different cleaning schedules — ranging from quarterly maintenance for fast food restaurants to twice a year for other clients.

“It depends on a variety of things like how busy they are, what they cook and the type of cooking oil they may use,” she said.

Regardless of the frequency, Lingle says the process is the same: moving equipment, setting up plastic barriers to keep other areas clean and using high pressure spray to clean and degrease hoods, exhaust systems and even roof-mounted fans. Once everything is cleaned, the hood will be dried and shined. All in all, the process takes each two-man crew a couple of hours.

“We put the equipment back and then it’s all looking great and ready to go when the morning crew comes in to cook,” she said.

Lingle says the Carterville-based company has clients as far away as Effingham and St. Louis as well as in western Kentucky and southeast Missouri, but she hopes to eventually focus more on restaurants and institutions closer to home.

“Often our technicians are spending a couple of hours on the road to and from a job,” she said. “I know they prefer to stay closer to home and it just feels different taking care of restaurants in Southern Illinois. We like taking care of our own people.”

Lingle says the regular cleanings also provide an opportunity for technicians and co-owner Josh Lingle to make certain everything is working correctly.

“Our crews take before and after photos of each and every job,” she said. “We use that as a sort of quality control, but it also has helped us find items that may need to be addressed with a particular hood.”

Shawnee Hoods’ work not only gives leaves the hoods looking good and functioning well, Lingle adds that there is one other benefit.

“It gives restaurant owners, managers and their employees peace of mind,” she said.

For more on Shawnee Hoods, call 618-681-2900 or visit their Facebook page at

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