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Joe Szynkowski: Putting my money where my mouth is

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“One more phone call.” That’s what I’ve been telling my wife and kids almost every day for the past four years.

Eye rolls usually followed, and one more phone call usually led to one more email or just ONE MORE phone call. Sometimes up to a combined 200 phone and video calls per month. 

200! Per month! 

Workaholism is a difficult thing to manage. So is writing a career happiness column when you’re not truly happy in your career.

This week, I officially left my full-time job with a startup in Dallas to focus on running my own communications company again. 

It’s a move that will allow:

• One more cup of coffee with my wife on our breakfast dates.

• One more episode of “Bluey” with my youngest daughter.

• One more softball pitch to my middle daughter in the backyard.

• One more “Hamilton” singalong with my oldest daughter.

• One more mile on my walk with the dog.

All of these “one mores” will add up to a ton of happiness all around. 

Leave On Your Terms

In my 21 years of working life, I have held four W-2 jobs. Each of them ended with me leaving on my own terms. And each of them ended with me giving at least three months of notice before I permanently clocked out – the most recent being this week.

The traditional two-week notice is perfectly acceptable in most cases. In some instances, an employer may be OK with an even shorter window. No matter how much time you give, it’s important to go out on your terms in a way that keeps relationships intact.

It’s been difficult to watch past colleagues leave companies under clouds of negativity and hurt feelings. Try to leave emotion out of your decisions and maintain a professional posture all the way through your exit interview. 

Know Your Value

If you’re thinking about leaving your job, you’re not alone. According to a recent CNBC report, four million people quit their jobs in April, sparked by confidence they can find better work.

This number coincided with a record 9.3 million job openings in April. Workers are choosing to make their own career happiness. Companies are realizing they have to give employees better opportunities.

Want proof? Amazon recently made an announcement to raise pay, and Bank of America claims it will raise its minimum wage to $25 by 2025.

Take the Step

The pandemic has many of us analyzing our work. We’re burned out by video calls and working more hours than ever before.

But what are we doing about it? Are we going through the motions until the next paycheck hits our account?

You’re not stuck. You deserve to love what you do.

Work hard. Work happy.

Joe Szynkowski is a Sr. Director for NuVinAir Global, a Dallas-based company disrupting the automotive industry. Thanks to technology, he does so happily from his home east of Marion. Check out for his WorkHappy Spotlights or email for more guidance on finding career joy.


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