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Southern Lights

Steven A. Johnson, owner of Southern Lights LLC, poses for a photo.

Steven A. Johnson, owner of Southern Lights LLC, a NABCEP certified, full-service solar integration and electrical contracting company in Carbondale, attended the OutBack Power NABCEP-registered Certificate Training Program in late February at Werner Electric in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The three-day accelerated training focused on all aspects of energy storage-based systems for home battery backup power systems for living off the grid or where solar energy net metering is not offered in conjunction with their local electricity supplier.

The training included system concepts, technologies and planning, designing, programming, commissioning, testing, and including new GridZero and Advanced Battery Charging technologies.

This training advances Johnson in his NABCEP Solar PV Installation Professional certification and improves his abilities in:

• Assessing customers’ energy needs;

• Grid-interactive and off-grid system designs and solutions;

• Battery and battery rack options, size and install; 

• AC-Coupling systems for adding energy storage to existing grid-tied solar arrays;

• and troubleshooting.

For more information, call 618-521-8296 or visit

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