Integrity Roofing

Integrity Roofing and Exteriors is headquartered in Harrisburg and serves the entire Southern Illinois region.

When most of us think of roofs, things like shingles, decking and nails come to mind.

But, for the team at Harrisburg-based Integrity Roofing and Exteriors, the roof of a home is much, much more.

“We realize that a home is the biggest investment a person will ever make and they’re calling out their roof to protect what is in that home,” said company president Terry Gwaltney. “In that home, in the attic, is all of the family heirlooms, all of the pictures of kids growing up and things from those special moments in life that were important — all of the things they have amassed throughout their lifetime are all underneath that roof. So for us, we feel like we’re helping them protect what matters most.”

Gwaltney says the 11-year-old company approaches all projects the same way.

“We’re missional in what we do,” he said. "We’re not just selling home improvement products, what we try to keep in mind is to do what is best for our customers.”

He says that means to find ways to provide service that is quick and efficient.

“We try in a lot of ways to protect our customers from having their lives interrupted too much,” he said.

Gwaltney says the company, which employs nearly three dozen people, is very much a family business.

“I’ve got three kids that work in the business as well as my son-in-law, my father-in-law and my dad,” he said. “We’re trying to build a brand around what we represent.”

Gwaltney adds that customer service begins with the people who work for Integrity.

“We have a very rigid process on recruiting the type of people that we have representing us,” he said. “They have to passionately care about what they are doing and the people. They have to be able to communicate.”

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Integrity offers a variety of products and services including remodeling, siding, gutters and windows both for residential and commercial applications, but a majority of projects are roofing, and it is something Gwaltney says they do very well.

From extended office hours to unique video roof surveys and inspections, Integrity has been recognized for innovation and professionalism.

“There’s a lot of technology in our industry that we utilize,” he said. “We do aerial imaging, we have technology where we can take eight pictures from crucial points on the ground and it will measure all of the roofing, windows, gutters and render 3D imaging and all of our guys have iPads, but there’s nothing like actually getting on the roof and seeing what’s going on. Then we explain the whats and whys to our customers, helping them find the best solutions.”

He adds that while the company offers metal roofing products, a vast majority of residential roofing projects utilize traditional asphalt shingles. Recently, the company has been named a Master Elite Contractor by shingle manufacturer GAF.

“It’s one of the nation’s oldest credentialing programs and allow us to offer extended warranties.”

Additionally, the company earned the GAF President’s Club recognition, an even more elite honor. Gwaltney adds that only 2% of contractors earn the designation.

“When a shingle manufacturer says ‘Hey, these guys are great,’ it’s a pretty big deal and something our entire team is very proud of,” he said. “It represents the best of the best.”

For Gwaltney and the team at Integrity, that is what it is all about.

“One of the things at the forefront of what we do is what I like to call, ‘selling generationally.’ That means when we provide you with a service and sell you a product, I want to be certain that not only are you going to be happy enough to pay me, but that your kids are going to want to do business with my kids. That means we have to sell you a product that is going to be performing well years down the road.”

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