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Shayna Shadowen of My Office Help.

Shayna Shadowen just knew there had to be a way to keep her office staff busy during slow times. Every year as fall would transition into winter, business would slow for Service Detectives, the Energy-based company she owns with her husband, Jason. As fewer people would call for electrical repair and installations as well as other services the company provides, Jason would inevitably look to reduce overhead.

“Jason always comes in and says it’s time to cut costs and he always wants to cut my office help,” Shayna explains. “So I told them that I needed to find a way to make them indispensable.”

Looking to HouseCall Pro, the scheduling and dispatching software Shadowen uses to schedule Service Detectives technicians, and recalling that another service provider had been begging her to handle telephone calls coming in to his business, a new venture was born.

“I started answering his phones and had been doing that for a couple of months before I started bringing on other clients and that’s how My Office Help was born,” she says.

Shadowen’s second business serves as the office for service providers of all types from locations around the country, handling reception, scheduling, dispatch and customer service for clients.

“We service any service industry,” she explains. “We currently have electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling, appliance repair and carpet cleaning. We’re not just an answering service, we are their office and we give them a dedicated team member here that works with them to understand their business, their scheduling and the requirements of the company.”

She explains that each service company has their own way of scheduling and working with their customers. She adds that My Office help looks to understand those processes and improve upon them to bring a high level of service and consistency to her clients.

She says the concept is built upon years of experience with Service Detectives, so her team members understand the needs of service providers and what sort of questions to ask when calls come are received. She adds that by gathering the right information, the technicians who are dispatched by My Office Help are better prepared and more efficient.

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Shadowen adds that for service providers — especially those with relatively small businesses — the service provided by the company is extremely valuable.

“Remember that in many of these businesses, the owners are out in the field, climbing ladders or crawling in attic spaces, trying to answer phones and scheduling service calls. Many of the others have office staff members who they don’t necessarily have the time to train to ask the right questions or to do some of the things that need done. We do all of that for them,” she says.

The company differs from others in that it is more than just an answering service, she explains.

“I don’t know of any other companies that do this to this level,” Shadowen explains, adding that she makes certain that service clients get the same attention and treatment that the couple’s local clients get. Service companies are charged a flat monthly rate for My Office Help services.

“We are not just call takers,” she adds. “Our clients like that we understand their business and what it takes to run a service business.”

Shadowen adds that she relishes the opportunity to be the point of contact for companies across the nation.

“We understand that no matter how good their marketing is or how amazing the products and services are, it is about building personal relationships and delivering amazing customer service that matters,” she says.

My Office Help has clients throughout the U.S. and Canada, Shadowen says, adding that the company is beginning to offer marketing assistance to service providers including website development, social media marketing and more.

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