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Voice of the Reader: Hurting our economy

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Voice of the Reader: Thank you

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Voice of The Southern: Montemagno's death tragic in a number of different ways

We join the community of Southern Illinois University and the region at whole in mourning the passing of SIU Carbondale Chancellor Carlo Mo… Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

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Opinion | Kathleen Parker | 23andMeToo

WASHINGTON — Now that the DNA is out of the bag, Sen. Elizabeth Warren can put her Native American heritage down for a nap -- maybe. Read more

Opinion | David W. Tretter: Independent colleges also key to improving higher education in Illinois

Everywhere we turn these days, we are inundated with political ads with the right talking points — creating good jobs, reducing the out-mig… Read more

Commentary: Farewell to the Grand Old Party

All happy partisans are alike; each unhappy partisan is unhappy in his own way. Max Boot, the Russian-born hawkish polemicist, was a deeply unhappy Republican. His cells hurt when Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign in 2015. Then Trump kept amping up the note of racism in Republican thinking, and Boot was struck by deeper plasmic horror. "I had denied that Republicans were ... Read more

Opinion | Rich Miller: Hey, JB, how 'bout some answers on tax structure?

Dear J.B. Pritzker: Read more

Column | Gary W. Moore: Giving life to your dreams

A few weeks ago, I asked if your life was a question mark or a period. I encouraged you to say yes to your dreams. Let me ask you: When you… Read more

Commentary: Climate politicking isn't working. We need climate civil disobedience

The small town of Bagley, Minn., looked set to be the scene for one of the nation's most interesting airings of the climate controversy this week. Three people went on trial there on Monday for shutting down a pipeline from Canada's tar sands in 2016 - one of them, after warning the company, turned the valve that shut the pipe, and then they waited for the police to arrive. They were arrested ... Read more

Commentary: Don't worry, all is not lost. State and local activists are fixing our elections

Despair appears to be the common mood of the day. Everything is terrible. U.S. democratic norms have devolved so much that it seems impossible to know how to recover. Our political outcomes don't consistently reflect our true aspirations. Yes, the whole system feels rigged - against the majority of Americans. Why not just throw up our hands? The answer is that this moment also presents a ... Read more

Birthday: Alan Jackson


Country singer Alan Jackson is 60. Read more