Top 20 restaurant of the week: Mi Patio Mexican Grill

Top 20 restaurant of the week: Mi Patio Mexican Grill

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Mi Patio Mexican Grill, on the west end of Murphysboro, lives up to its name. The eatery has been a well-loved restaurant for residents all over Southern Illinois, as well as a perfect stop for visitors to Lake Murphysboro and Kincaid Lake for more than seven years. With a name that means, "my backyard," the staff at Mi Patio make sure that each visitor feels at home.

Appetizers start off the experience at Mi Patio with a bang, with favorites like nachos fajitas served with strips of grilled beef or chicken, peppers and onions, taquitos that are rolled, deep-fried and covered with cheese, and queso fundido to go along with the complimentary baskets of freshly made tortilla chips and cool salsa.

On the entree menu, patrons of Mi Patio have favorites including the super burrito, which is filled with seasoned steak, chicken and carnitas, and served with a side of refried beans and Mexican rice. Chimichangas are always a pleasing dish, with a tortilla filled with steak, chicken, shrimp or pork, deep-fried, and topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and warm cheese sauce. Taco salads are a cool option for warm evenings on the outdoor, covered patio and many of the spicy, cheesy dishes go well with Mi Patio’s famous margaritas, frozen or on the rocks, or an ice-cold import or domestic beer. While carnivores delight in flavorful carnitas, pollo playa, and carne asada, vegetarians adore the meatless menu options at Mi Patio, including burritos, enchiladas rancheras, and vegetable fajitas.

The children’s menu at Mi Patio ensures eaters of all ages will leave satisfied, offering smaller portions and prices for burritos, enchiladas, chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers. If visitors don’t fill up on the ample portions during the main course, desserts at Mi Patio include creamy flan, mouthwatering sopapillas, drenched in cinnamon and honey, and crowd favorite fried ice cream.

The simple, fresh ingredients that make up the menu at Mi Patio are what make the food so delicious and comforting, for both lunch visitors and dinnertime guests. The waitstaff is always courteous and pleasant and make visitors feel as though they are in the comfort of their very own backyard at Mi Patio.


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