Steven Curtis Chapman, SCC Solo

Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman will bring his latest tour, SCC Solo: Hits, History and Influences to Mount Vernon on March 3. 

A popular Christian artist will bring the fourth season of his solo tour to Mount Vernon. SCC Solo: Hits, History and Influences, celebrating more than 30 years of music from Steven Curtis Chapman, will stop at 7:30 p.m. March 3 at Central Christian Church.

Chapman said this differs from his past tours in several ways.

“First of all, it is the first tour I have ever done that is just me and my guitar,” Chapman said.

Although he had done solo events here and there, this is the first after night of solo performances as a tour. He said SCC Solo started about 18 months ago and is in its fourth and final iteration.

"I hit on something I really enjoy and the audience really enjoys as well. It’s just me on stage singing my songs, the ones folks listened to through the years,” Chapman said.

The tour also includes music from Chapman’s first album of worship music. He believes the music helps people understand the basis of what they believe.

“It has really been my favorite tour ever. It feels really special for people coming and enjoying the intimacy of the night,” Chapman said.

The songs his fans know and love also have become mile markers on Chapman’s life and faith journey.

“This tour began with me writing my book ‘Between Heaven and the Real World.’ That, for me, was such as profound experience,” Chapman said. “Telling my stories, I see so many places where God has directed my steps. I felt like this tour would be a way to tell my stories in musical form.”

And what stories he has to tell. From growing up in Paducah, Kentucky, to his ride to the top of Christian music charts to growing a family through birth and adoption and the death of his 5-year-old daughter to his return to stage, Chapman’s life has a journey even he could not imagine.

Those events have been reflected in his music.

“As any song writer tells you, songs are special for different reasons,” Chapman said. “My friend Mac Powell says even if you have an ugly baby, you love it.”

There are certain ones that come to Chapman’s mind for many different reasons. The first one he mentioned was “Cinderella,” which he wrote for his daughters. The song was released in 2007, just months before Maria’s death.

He also mentioned “I Will Be Here,” which he said has been sung at hundreds of thousands of weddings.

He added that “The Great Adventure” played a huge part in his life, saying those are just a few songs that immediately come to mind.

“I listen back and what I see that has changed is style. What was popular when I began, isn’t anymore,” Chapman said. “At one time if you didn’t use live drums, it was uncool. Then at another time, everything was electronic drums. I’ve tried to incorporate the differences in language.” 

He added that his music has reached beyond anything he could have imagined when he started, but what is important has stayed the same. Those things include using language that is relevant, understandable and accessible and talking about things that are honest and true and real.

“I am inviting people into what I’m doing, sharing where I’m sad, where I doubt. That has continued to be my goal 30 years later,” Chapman said.

General admission tickets are $26, VIP tickets are $75. Discounts are available from groups of four or more. To purchase tickets, go to ticketfly.com.

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Marilyn Halstead is a reporter covering Williamson County.

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